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Doctor Daddy book pdf download for free or read online, also Doctor Daddy pdf was written by Ava Gray.

BookDoctor Daddy ( Alpha Billionaire Book 6 )
AuthorAva Gray
Size1.3 MB

Doctor Daddy Book PDF download for free

Doctor Daddy Book PDF download for free

If you love the older man and younger woman who happen to be dad’s best friend, then this is your book. Brooke has gone to school and is returning home. Max, who is a successful doctor and often comes to the Brooks house for family dinners.

What I didn’t expect is to see Brooke grown up and looking great. How long will they last before they give in to their feelings for each other? What will their parents say when they will find out about them? Will they find out the truth and get back together before it’s too late?

Doctor Daddy Book Pdf Download

This is the sixth story in the Alpha Billionaire series. In this story we have a successful older doctor, Dr. Mark, and his best friend’s youngest daughter, Brooke, who just graduated from college with no plans. These two are reuniting after many years and Mark is pleasantly surprised that Brooke is a beautiful curvy woman! Brooke’s mother is critical of her body and gives Brooke a hard time when she attends a hospital event while looking gorgeous. dr Mark and Brooke end up in a closet and keep it a secret until Brooke starts working as a receptionist at the hospital and they start an affair.

There is a misconception that Dr. Mark is dating another woman so Brooke walks away and ends up going to Chicago with her friend for grad school. Brooke makes a successful new life for herself and keeps her secret from her parents and Dr. Mark. as dr Mark goes to Chicago for a conference and ends up helping Brooke, unaware that the babies to be born are hers. if dr Mark puts it all together, he makes it right and makes it right for himself, Brooke and the girls.

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Mark has dinner at his friend Peyton’s house. It’s been a while since he’s seen his kids, of course Brooke surprised him, she’s grown up and looks so beautiful. She should burn for the things he wants to do to her. He sees her at a gala a few days later, she came with her parents. The two eventually meet in a closet.

This leads to the two seeing each other frequently, but deep down he knows Peyton won’t like him. Everything seems to be going well for her until the weekend, which she spends at her parents’ house by the lake. His mother has tried to fix it in the past and invited someone over for the weekend. He tried to talk to the other guy over there. It doesn’t take long for Brooke to get mad at him and go off the radar, he just can’t go out and ask Peyton where she is.

Brook can’t believe Mark, he thought he was special even if they kept it a secret. When she finds out that she is pregnant, she has to flee. She decides to go to Chicago with her friend. Will he tell Mark about the baby?

I loved this story but Mark was clumsy at times, being the eldest I would have thought he would have more of a clue.

Mark is Karen and Peyton’s good friend forever. Mark goes home for dinner. He meets Brooke, his daughter. She hasn’t realized how grown up she’s become. She’s home after college. She is a curvy beauty.
Brooke has returned home from college. His mother keeps pointing out his mistakes. She tells Bridget to lose weight and get dressed.

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Bridget goes to a gala with her parents. Despite her mother’s comments, Bridget looking like a curvy goddess. She connects with Dr. Mark in the closet. He’s older but so pretty.
Bridget’s father gets her a job at the hospital. she sees dr marks every day. They begin a secret adventure. No one can find out about her as he is his parents’ best friend.

Due to a misunderstanding, Brooke goes to grad school in Chicago. But she’s keeping a secret. She is going to raise her baby alone without the father. Brooke is fine after finding the hospitality show. She planned her life. Until the contractions start at the doctors’ conference.
Will she and Mark be able to work out their misunderstandings?

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