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Don’t Let Me Go book pdf download for free or read online, also Don’t Let Me Go pdf was written by Kelsie Rae.

BookDon’t Let Me Go
AuthorKelsie Rae
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Don’t Let Me Go Book PDF download for free

Don't Let Me Go Book PDF download for free

Don’t let me go
Second book in the series Don’t leave me.
This book follows Blake (Colt’s sister) and Theo (Colt’s best friend).
Theo and Blake have been friends since childhood, things changed for Theo when he first saw her in a dress on her 15th birthday. Now she is assigned to her university and things are about to change…

Don’t Let Me Go Book Pdf Download

Don’t Let Me Go tells the story of Theo, the boy next door, and Blakely, his best friend’s little sister, who collide with an inevitable attraction years in the making. Blakely was such a strong character, standing up for herself, going after what she wanted and not taking bullshit from anyone, including Theo.

And Theo, hockey captain, an up-and-coming NHL star who brings girls to their knees but never commits, was so deliciously sexy and captivating. I loved how protective he was of Blakely and had his best interests in mind, even if he didn’t always show it the right way. I couldn’t get enough!

A new adult romance, many of the previous chapters focused heavily on college life with house parties and drinking games and could probably have been trimmed down to get to the heart of the story. But the story was filled with many life lessons focused on chasing dreams and finding your purpose, fighting for what you believe in, for the future you want.

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Theo and Blakely shared a childhood history and were friends until Theo first saw her in a dress on her 15th birthday. But they’ve always been secretly, or maybe not so secretly, attracted to each other. in the eyes of others. I loved their connection to the tug of war, challenging each other as they learned to trust and break down walls. Their love was addictive, consuming, and full of fire and intensity. I loved seeing them let themselves in without fear of being vulnerable.

“We’re going to get through this. You and me baby Thorne. It was always you and me.”

Fear broke my heart into a million little pieces, but the love between Theo and Blakely brought it back together better than ever, especially with Theo’s grand gesture. And I am beyond words for the epilogue. Simply beautiful! These two were meant to be together and he couldn’t imagine it any other way.

“Don’t Let Me Go” made me mad instead of blacked out and I adored this couple! I really like best friend’s little sister stories and this one didn’t disappoint. Theo and Blakey are really competing for your money and I invested every second. When she called him Teddy and they said olive juice, I couldn’t help but smile!

Everyone should read this book just for the bet, the big red, the orangeade, the tickets, the special jersey, and the wardrobe. The gum reminded me of my first date with my husband and how much I hated the smell and taste! He was freaking out! I also don’t think I enjoyed reading about beer pong any more than I enjoyed this book. This story was a beautiful love story and the ending was every girl’s dream!

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Theo and Colt are good friends and teammates who play college hockey. Theo has a strained relationship with Colt’s sister, Blake, due to a mixture of friendship, attraction, and avoidance. Blake is a virgin, and pesky fellow hockey teammates place bets on who can seduce them.

Theo has a jealous streak and does his best to block some of these efforts, though he feels he shouldn’t attack them himself. That possessiveness wasn’t an attractive trait to me, but it gets better once he decides to really pursue it, and there’s a great sweet gesture.
I like the author’s writing style. Some sexual content.

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