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Emerald Blaze book pdf download for free or read online, also Emerald Blaze pdf was written by Ilona Andrews.

BookEmerald Blaze
AuthorIlona Andrews
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Emerald Blaze Book PDF download for free

Emerald Blaze Book PDF download for free

As users of Prime Magic, Catalina Baylor and her sisters have extraordinary powers, powers that their ruthless grandmother would love to control. Catalina can provide some protection for her family by serving as deputy warden of Texas and overseeing violations of the state’s wizarding law, but that comes with risks.

When House Baylor is under attack and monsters stalk her every turn, Catalina is forced to trust the handsome and dangerous Alessandro Sagredo, the Prime who broke her heart.

The nightmare that Alessandro fought since childhood has come back to life, but now Catalina is in danger. Not even her lifelong quest for revenge will stop him from protecting her, even if every fight could be her last. Because she Catalina won’t rest until she’s finished using the empowering, illegal serum that’s tearing her world apart.

Emerald Blaze Book Pdf Download

Okay, to issue a warning again: I adore this writing duo and will happily buy anything and everything they come out with, they really are THAT good. Character development, world building, additional “support” characters that never really feel like support characters… I could go on and on.

Spoilers for the series below

My first review of Sapphire Flames was hard to pin solely on the direction the writers took with the transition from Nevada’s point of view to Catalina’s and why Nevada chose to carry out her sister’s HoH duties (unbelievably young man, hardly tried) to leave. My main complaint was that she was totally out of line. While I’m still opposed to that, the deeper reasoning here on Emerald Blaze helps a lot (I still want more Nevada and Connor, I’ll never stop, but now I feel good with Catalina in the driver’s seat, so to speak).

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This book was classic House Andrews non-stop action: it kept me up late and I finished it too quickly. This second attempt at the Catherine story, despite all the action, had a better pace and the plot somehow felt more substantial than the first book.

Of course I love that we see more of Nevada in this book, but I also had a lot more faith in Catalina and Alessandro than the MCs in this story – we see how their relationship grows and develops AND we see how powerful they are as individuals. and as a couple. Catalina finally feels like an adult – this is where her character takes on an added depth that makes the first book feel even more “young adult” than I initially thought while reading it.

Arkan’s conflict with Catalina for Alessandro to come back into play and thus erect the main obstacle in their relationship (Alessandro’s desire for revenge, yes, and also his “lack” of “status” in the world magical) was a great (and ongoing) narrative. story building: no one does it better, I swear), and their relationship felt more substantial here. T

hey’re both fully “grown up” now, and it’s not just Instagram and sexy photos and teen/young adult angst (I love you, but we can’t, ugh), they’re more believable as a couple now. And their individual struggles – Catalina’s struggle to “discover” her powers and her legacy, and Alessandro’s love and desire to take revenge as a father, but also to continue helping his family while ignoring his family’s demands – is a great metaphor for what so many do as “new adults” trying to find/act potential, purpose and independence.

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And as always, I can’t fault what we see from Arabella (Give that girl her own books please?), Bern (and Runa! Wow!), Leon (she needs her own series!), Penelope, Grandma Frieda (never enough!), Cornelius, Matilda, Bug and the rest… I think I could complain a bit about the lack of comical slapstick; Sure we still have some sarcasm and good one-liners, but I miss the laugh-out-loud days of being in the nuclear family.

(Speaking of getting lost, and I know Ilona and Gordon are probably SICK AND TIRED reading/hearing this, but I’ll always say there’s not enough of Connor Rogan. I get it, I get it… but I want it I didn’t get it, and I’ll always be waiting for more, there is still a lot of potential for the story!)

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