Download Enola Holmes And The Elegant Escapade [PDF] By Nancy Springer

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Enola Holmes And The Elegant Escapade book pdf download for free or read online, also Enola Holmes And The Elegant Escapade pdf was written by Nancy Springer.

BookEnola Holmes And The Elegant Escapade
AuthorNancy Springer
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Enola Holmes And The Elegant Escapade Book PDF download for free

Enola Holmes And The Elegant Escapade Book PDF download for free

Enola Holmes, Sherlock’s much younger and feisty sister, returns in an adventure of the daughter of a confused young baronet on the run from her father’s devious plans in Enola Holmes and Nancy Springer’s Stylish Escape.

Enola Holmes, Sherlock’s much younger sister, now lives independently in London and works as a scientific Perditorian (seeker of people and things). But that’s not the normal lot of young women in Victorian England. They are under the almost complete control of their closest male relative until adulthood. So also with Enola’s friend Lady Cecily Alastair.

Twice before, Enola has saved Lady Cecily from the unsavory schemes of her rogue father, Sir Eustace Alastair, Baronet. And when Enola is rudely turned away at Alastair’s doorstep, it quickly becomes clear that Lady Cecily needs her help again.

On a daring escape, Enola takes Lady Cecily to her secret office and is quickly found by the person Lady Cecily’s mother hired to find the missing girl: Sherlock Holmes himself. But the girl has already disappeared again, now alone in the unforgiving city of London.

Worse, the Lady Cecily has a secret that few know. She has a dual personality: one who is left-handed is independent and competent; the other who is right-handed is meek and meek. Now Enola must find Lady Cecily before one of her personalities gets her in more trouble than she can handle and before Sherlock can find her and bring her back to her father. Once again the game is on for Enola.

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Enola Holmes And The Elegant Escapade Book Pdf Download

Nancy Springer’s Enola Holmes and the Elegant Escapade reunites Sherlock Holmes and his much younger sister Enola in a historical crime thriller for teenagers and young adults, set in late 1889 in and around London Fall Enola. There are several previous books in this series, but this one has done well as a standalone book. Unlike Sherlock, she doesn’t practice fully as a searcher for missing people and things. She takes classes at the London Women’s Academy. All of this is highly unusual for a young woman in Victorian England.

However, when she visits her friend’s house, she is told that no one is to enter and that neither her friend, Lady Cecily Alistair, nor her mother, Lady Theodora, will receive visitors. Being aware that something is wrong; Enola helps Lady Cecily escape and takes her to a secret office in a boarding house she owns. However, Sherlock Holmes, hired by Lady Theodora, shows up looking for Lady Cecily and she has disappeared while Enola has no idea where she has gone. In addition, Lady Cecily suffers from a split personality; One is strong and independent while the other is gentle and docile.

Enola is a likable character; She is witty, thoughtful, outgoing, intelligent, independent, energetic and a master of disguise. She is also supportive of her friends and will not let anything stop her from helping them. It’s fun to see how she and Sherlock think and analyze situations. The chemistry between them creates quite an entertaining dynamic.

The book has a strong plot and the character development was great to see. The story made me think as I reflected on the treatment of women and the lack of rights they possessed during that time. Historical references on this and other subjects added a significant layer of interest to the plot. The conflict drives the story and takes unexpected turns. The internal dialogues took me into the inner world of the characters.

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The author does a good job of world building. I could easily imagine the locations, the people, the clothes, and the houses. The atmosphere felt right for the time, leading to a strong sense of time and place. She effortlessly wove themes of family, friendship, lifestyle, loneliness, treatment and expectations of women, abuse and money into the storyline.

Overall, this book was an engaging, engaging, and entertaining historical mystery that moved quickly. I really look forward to reading the next book in the series. Readers interested in young adult historical mysteries will likely enjoy this series.

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