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Evil Games book pdf download for free or read online, also Evil Games pdf was written by Angela Marsons.

BookEvil Games
AuthorAngela Marsons
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Evil Games Book PDF download for free

Evil Games Book PDF download for free

When a rapist is found mutilated in a brutal attack, Detective Kim Stone and her team are called in to provide a quick fix. But as more revenge killings come to light, it quickly becomes clear that someone much more sinister is at work.

As the investigation gathers pace, Kim finds herself in great danger and in the crosshairs of a deadly individual conducting his own twisted experiment.

Against a sociopath who seems to know his every weakness, every move Detective Stone makes could be deadly. As the body count mounts, Kim must dig deeper than ever to stop the killing. And this time – it’s personal.

Utterly unbeatable, nail-bitingly tense and with a jaw-dropping twist. If you love Rachel Abbott, Val McDermid, or Mark Billingham, you’ll be turning the pages late into the night and dying to read the rest of this million-selling series.

Evil Games Book Pdf Download

I was very impressed by Silent Scream by Angela Marsons. I bonded with Kim Stone and felt connected to Bryant, Stace, and even Dawson.

Marsons created this group of people that she hoped to see again. Not only did it feel like we were catching up, but we saw more of them for what they are. SPOILER I loved that Kim saved Barney. She opened her heart to him. But Kim hasn’t changed…she hasn’t become maudlin, whiny, numb. She was still the same Kim. Simply better. Kim’s progress has to be slow, or I think the emotions coming back from her could kill her.

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I like the fact that Kim is willing to go after Alex even though she knows it might not end well for her. I’ve seen things in people that no one else sees. I don’t understand. And when things come out, you’re validated, but it gets to the point of validation. Kim bites her teeth and doesn’t let go.
Evil Games really has two cases at the same time.

Both are exciting cases. Angela Marsons once again managed to surprise me at the end! With most books I can immediately guess the culprit. No big surprise. Silent Scream was one of the first books in a long time that totally took me by surprise. I was tied to the end. I was cocky and sure I knew who she was.

But as the book progressed I had to reassess. Then I squeezed it again, only to rip the rug out from under me. Once again I was pleasantly surprised! Thank you, Angela Marson! Wow, I didn’t see that coming! Of course, we knew Alex was a psychopath, we knew what she was doing while she was doing it… It was “how would Kim Stone catch her?”. that was so fascinating and exciting. But the Dunn case really blew my mind! We saw the case solved, but then we realized that it wasn’t completely solved. It was a tough and exhausting case.

I really like that Angela Marsons has rescued dogs in both books. First Bryant, now Kim. I cried when Bryant came back to the apartment and took her mom and babies with him. He was sick in the conditions of this dog and her babies crying. It was really a beautiful moment. So this is Barney…inside he was begging Kim to stop her, don’t let her take him away! I am hurt and not feeling well and my 18 year old son had to help me to bed. When he asked if he could do anything else, I pointed to my Kindle and asked him to read me the next chapter of Evil Games.

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It was the episode where Kim checks on Barney… of course I cried! It was a great chapter to end. And then when I started reading again, I loved the way Barney approached Kim. I grew up terrified of these beautiful creatures until my first moment with a puppy we adopted after my children and I lost his father. It was just a moment with me and Cricket. My life has changed. One look into his eyes opened up a whole new world for me. Reading Kim’s reaction to Barney reminded him of everything.

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