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Ex Appeal book pdf download for free or read online, also Ex Appeal pdf was written by Cathy Yardley.

BookEx Appeal
AuthorCathy Yardley
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Ex Appeal Book PDF download for free

Ex Appeal Book PDF download for free

A hacker and a fixer, who happen to be ex-high school sweethearts, reunite to help each other out in this hilarious second-chance romance from the author of Love, Comment, Subscribe.

Vinh Doan has a problem. Ten million even. He’s a high-level fixer for global corporations, which means big money…and big trouble. When $10 million goes missing from one of his accounts, he needs a top hacker to find it. Her first thought of him? Emily MacDonald, his high school ex.

While Vinh has conquered the financial world, Emily struggles. After her father’s death, she dropped out of college and put aside her dreams. Her tech support job has seriously tested her bright spirit and her finances. Now there is an unexpected solution: Vinh, the boy who left her when she needed him most.

When Emily finally listens to Vinh’s plea, she realizes this is a much-needed opportunity to get paid…and get a refund. But the more time they spend together, the more they realize that their unusual attraction is as strong as ever, even though they are not the same people they were a decade ago. As they enjoy their simmering chemistry, can Emily and Vinh put their past behind them, discover their future, and get a second chance at love?

Ex Appeal Book Pdf Download

As a fan of this series, I was curious if Tam’s twin brother Vihn is as cold and calculating as he was portrayed in the previous books.

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Vihn and Emily, a member of the nerd pack, have been friends since elementary school and eventually became high school sweethearts.
If he’s read books 1 and 2, he knows that Vehn lives in New York and has broken up with Ponto Beach, his twin, and his pack of nerds.

I loved that this book was dark like Vihn and not as light as the other books.

Emily, reparative and benefactor, was quite pampered until the death of her father. She and Vihn went to school in New York, but she had to leave after her second year after her father died. At this point, she and Vihn parted ways and she was devastated and devastated.
She fast forwards and her life is anything but a fairy tale when she returns to Ponto Beach to need her hacking skills.

I loved this story and the second chance at love, but also a mature and sheltered Emily and Vihn.

Sometimes great love needs a second chance to make it right.

I’m crossing my fingers for more of this series as I love the herd of nerds!

We’ve seen glimpses of Vinh and Emily in the other books, and their story has always intrigued me. I wanted to know what happened between the two of them so many years ago because I realized that they were still connected, they still loved each other. When Vinh is “on leave” from work, she returns to Ponto Beach, not only to meet up with her sister and her friends, but also to enlist Emily’s help. She needs a hacker to save her work and she is the best there is.

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Emily is not happy to see Vinh again, especially after she decimated her heart, but she realizes that she is in serious trouble. She is willing to do almost anything to get help from her, and she will take advantage of it. All she has to do is watch her heart, point out the reasons why being with Vinh would be disastrous, and make sure she doesn’t fall again.

Vinh has never wanted anything more than Emily, and if she ever finds a way to forgive him, he will show her how sorry she is. Maybe now is the time.
I really love this series. I love the pack of nerds and I love the friendships they have with each other. These are real, real people with real problems.

The story
Emily and Vinh went to high school together in Porto Beach and then went to New York University together. When his father died and he finally dropped out of college, Vinh broke up with Emily, as much as he didn’t want to. After ten years, Vinh’s job situation has deteriorated and he needs Emily’s hacking skills. She has a minimum wage job but hasn’t lost any skills she once had.

My thoughts
I loved the first two books in this series (Like, Comment, Subscribe and Gouda Friends) and the next part is like the icing on the cake. The series follows the stories of couples who went to school together in Porto Beach and still call themselves the “nerd pack”. Emily and Vinh recognize how their own issues contributed to the breakup and know things wouldn’t have worked out if they had stayed together sooner. But once the necessary apologies and explanations are out of the way, I love how these two interact. There is forgiveness, kindness, and generosity in abundance, delivered with great banter and a pinch of spice.

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