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Experimental Marine Biology book pdf download for free or read online, also Experimental Marine Biology pdf was written by Susannah Nix.

SUSANNAH NIX is a RITA® Award-winning and USA Today best-selling contemporary romance and romantic comedy author who resides in Texas with her husband. On the rare occasions when she’s not writing, she can be found reading, knitting, lifting weights, drinking wine, or obsessing over Ted Lasso repeatedly to stave off existential angst.

BookExperimental Marine Biology
AuthorSusannah Nix
Size1 MB

Experimental Marine Biology Book PDF download for free

Experimental Marine Biology Book PDF download for free

“Just Friends” was everything Brooke and Dylan ever were. (Except for that night in high school, but they don’t talk about it.) Growing up, he was her protector. your confidant. The only guy she could always trust.

Now she’s a marine biologist doing her Ph.D. in the California and he’s an underwear model in New York. Dylan is only in town for a few days, crashes on Brooke’s couch and returns her favor by acting as her date to a friend’s wedding.

It was pure coincidence that she saw him naked.

After that, “just friends” goes out the window in the favor of friends with benefits.

Everything is going very well… until it is no longer.

Dylan got a ticket back to the New York at the end of the week and Brooke may have accidentally broken his heart. Can they navigate these waters of unknown relationships? Or has he exhausted his oldest friendship?

EXPERIMENTAL MARINE BIOLOGY is the fifth book in the series of light-hearted chemistry class romances starring STEM heroines. Each book in the series contains

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Experimental Marine Biology Book Pdf Download

I loved Susannah Nix’s “Experimental Marine Biology,” a fun and sweet romance between friends and lovers with likeable, relatable, well-developed characters and an intriguing plot. The connection between the main characters, Brooke and Dylan, was evident from the beginning, and it was very easy for me to encourage them to find a way to be together.

Although Brooke and Dylan were opposites in many ways, their respective strengths complemented each other’s weaknesses and they made a wonderful couple. They also had a lot more in common than they realized, like their mutual love of martial arts and romantic movies. I also liked the way they supported and encouraged each other, which seemed particularly important to Dylan as he struggled to accept that others could appreciate him for more than just his good looks.

This book is a read on its own, but as someone who has read (and loved!) all of the previous books in the Nix Chemistry Lecture series, I have to admit that one of my favorite parts of the story was the opportunity to put on up with Penny, Olivia and the rest of the gang. I hope we see more of them in the future! Surely they still have a friend or two who need to find love. 🙂

Another great part of this series! Susannah Nix’s books are so easy and enjoyable to read. I flew straight through this book and thoroughly enjoyed meeting Brooke and Dylan. While there are plenty of whale puns thanks to Brooke’s work in marine biology, this one has a more serious tone compared to the other books in the series, so know that you’ll be catered for.

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Friends-to-lovers romances are sure to find plenty to love here. Brooke and Dylan have been best friends ever since their parents moved to Baton Rouge with him. Aside from the night they kissed at prom (which they never talk about!), they’re totally in friend zone territory.

I thought it was pretty clear that Dylan had pined for her all these years, but Brooke was pretty haunted by her insecurities about what kind of woman would fit into Dylan’s world as a model. But if she adds a little forced closeness to her chemistry, of course things will happen! I really loved seeing how well Dylan knew Brooke and what scared her and how to fix it. They were so good together, even though Brooke insisted it could only be an affair because she believed relationships weren’t for her.

The only aspect that didn’t work for me was the history surrounding Brooke’s family. After she became pregnant as a teenager and had an abortion, her father stopped talking to her and her mother essentially sided with her father, although she kept the lines of communication reasonably open. She couldn’t understand why Brooke had anything to do with her mother, especially since she hasn’t been home in six years.

It wasn’t a supportive relationship, and Brooke would have had good reason to break it off entirely. When Brooke found out from Dylan that her father had been diagnosed with cancer, I worried that he would use himself to put her back in the family orbit, and he was right.

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I found the options towards the end emotionally manipulative. We have no proof that her father has changed or that her mother is no longer supportive. While Brooke hasn’t fully forgiven her father, the story doesn’t fully address the trauma of her father’s rejection of her and glosses over what must happen for a true reconciliation, if any, to occur.

She too was feeling too comfortable with Dylan’s presence, at least as fast as he was. He would have preferred a different catalyst for Brooke to deal with his feelings and make things right for him. Still, he was elated that she was finally getting together and realizing that she loved him.

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