Download Fang’s Enlightenment [PDF] By Ciara St. James

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Fang’s Enlightenment book pdf download for free or read online, also Fang’s Enlightenment pdf was written by Ciara St. James.

BookFang’s Enlightenment
AuthorCiara St. James
Size285 KB

Fang’s Enlightenment Book PDF download for free

Fang's Enlightenment Book PDF download for free

Things won’t settle down in Tenillo for Fang and his club, the Ares Infidels MC. No matter how many villains they bring to justice, they find there are more who need their brand of vigilance. For Fang, that’s fine with him. He joins the Ares Infidels to be part of a fraternity bigger than himself and his brothers at the club. He joins to have a larger family. He’s grateful he listened to his Marine friend Pitbull all those months ago and came to see the club.

The only thing that makes it better is when he stops on the way one night to help some stranded ladies. One of them is a beautiful young woman who takes his breath away. One who only learns Cami’s name, then she’s gone. He has no idea who she is or how to find her again and it upsets him. He is convinced that she may be the only woman destined for him for the rest of his life, just as many of his brothers have found true love.

A chance encounter as a Good Samaritan didn’t make Cami forget the sexy tattooed biker she met. A man unlike any man she’s ever been with. She knows he’s not the right man for her, but boy can she want him? A second chance encounter brings the two together in unexpected ways. With this second meeting begins a journey that they have to master together. One full of questions, dangers, hidden truths, possible betrayals and much more.

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Will Fang and his cami end up together, or will one of Tenillo’s mysteries be their end? Is the perceived betrayal real? Did Fang trust the wrong person and betray his club? It’s about time Fang’s enlightenment took place and brought more evil to light.

Fang’s Enlightenment Book Pdf Download

The characters really reach out and grab you by the heart. Everyone is looking for that special someone who can bring them peace and happiness. They just do it the hard way.
Fang joined the MC Ares Infidels at the behest of his friend. It gives you back that sense of family and togetherness, someone who always has your back.

When Fang meets up with Cami, he’s amazed at how she doesn’t let anyone take a shit from her. She is an independent and self-sufficient woman who just wants to have fun and maybe start a family in the future.

Cami tries to ignore Fang, but it doesn’t work and he slowly works his way into her heart. Of course, the MC members can’t fall in love with someone without drama and trouble.
The MC takes care of Cami’s family problem along with Fang and concludes that they are meant for each other and their love shows it.

I loved Fang and Cammi, they are great together. I was so happy to find lots of new information about Tenillo’s underbelly! I have many new questions, especially about Cammi’s siblings. You just can’t miss Tenillo Guardians by Ciara St James and Cee Bowerman – they always deliver amazing stories.

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