Download Feral Shifter Untamed [PDF] By Olivia T. Turner

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Feral Shifter Untamed book pdf download for free or read online, also Feral Shifter Untamed pdf was written by Olivia T. Turner.

BookFeral Shifter Untamed
AuthorOlivia T. Turner
Size535 KB

Feral Shifter Untamed Book PDF download for free

Feral Shifter Untamed Book PDF download for free

They hunt shapeshifters like me.
For good reason.
I am a threat to everyone. Even myself.
My bear has gone wild.
She lost control.

Sometimes fate can be cruel.
Sometimes it makes us wait too long for our partner.
Some bears just can’t take it, and my wild grizzly is one of them.
It’s been too long without her and she’s going crazy.

This untamed and ferocious creature will pummel anything it can touch with its nasty paws.
She has become a danger to society.
So they came for me.
A group of shapeshifters came to drop me off.
To stop the threat. To put me out of my misery. To put a bullet in my head.

My friend is the only one who can save me.
She is the only one who can tame this wild beast.
But if the killers keep closing in on me, will it be too late?
And my monstrous grizzly bear is too far away to be rescued?

We’re freaking out on a rabid changeling bear that could swallow you whole! Can the right girl deal with this vicious beast or is it too late?
Hot shifter urges love with these two fateful friends. SAFE, no catches, and an HEA that will make you blush and smile! Enjoy!

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Feral Shifter Untamed Book Pdf Download

August is a shapeshifting bear gone feral. He is a danger because he has lost total control of his beast by trying not to find his mate for too long. To further complicate matters, he is being hunted down and seriously injured.

Hazel works in a restaurant and was taking out the garbage when she was shocked to find a man injured and naked. She decides to help him and takes him to her apartment to nurse him back to health. When August retrieves something, he realizes that Hazel is his mate and finally regains control of the beast from him. She now she must convince her to stay with him as her partner. Oh, and protect yourself from hunters who want him dead.

This was a very good story with an exciting plot, interesting characters, and steamy heat. It’s short and sweet with all the elements you’d expect in an OTT book.

A wild grizzly shapeshifter hunted for sacrifice meets his mate and tries to tame himself? Sign me up for this reading.

August is literally days away from being euthanized. His grizzly has gone wild because he hasn’t found his mate. Hazel finds him after a fierce fight and the rest is history. This was a sexy little read and I enjoyed every word of it. I loved how wild Hazel became as a protector for August. She defended him at every step.

We also meet several other characters with story potential and that’s what I’m here for. The French ninja had to be the highlight! OTT has another win with this one.

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