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Finding Carly book pdf download for free or read online, also Finding Carly pdf was written by Susan Stoker.

BookFinding Carly
AuthorSusan Stoker
Size1.2 MB

Finding Carly Book PDF download for free

Finding Carly Book PDF download for free

Jag helped her regain control of her life… but someone is watching her, waiting for the perfect moment to finish what her ex started.

On one unforgettable afternoon, a simple coincidence kept Carly Stewart out of the hands of her insane ex… and instead landed her best friend in her clutches. Months have passed since the events of the day her friend was rescued and her ex Shawn died, but the police are no closer to finding her accomplice.

And Carly is no closer to getting her life back, desperately hiding in her apartment and flinching at every sound and shadow. Your only salvation is Jag. The Navy SEAL who saved her from completely surrendering to terror.

Jagger Bennett will never give up on Carly. He really understands what she’s really going through better than most. He also knows that she won’t let her ex control her from the grave much longer, especially when he sees the first spark of anger cut through her fear.

He will help her conquer her demons, regain her trust, return to being the person she was before Shawn Keyes…and in return, she may be the only woman who can help Jag overcome his past. she. If he is able to ease her own agony, he will claim Carly as his own.

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Shawn Keyes was my friend. my mentor Now he is gone. And I have no one. It’s all his fault. Carly Stewart. She’s going to pay for everything she did to Shawn…to me…and she soon will. Before she can ruin another man’s life.

Finding Carly book is the 5 book in the SEAL Team Hawaii series. Each book is a stand-alone book with no cliffhanger at the end.

Finding Carly Book Pdf Download

Snarling alpha males, sassy sexy women, a little angst and a lot of steam.

Finding Carly really is perfection. This book leaves nothing to be desired except for more pages…
A story so wonderful that it immerses you in the world of Susan Stoker. This has all the things we’ve come to love about Susan, while also managing to put you on the edge of her seat.

This book is unlike any she has read in a long time. Susan handles a very difficult subject with sensitivity and care. You don’t read about it very often. At least not me. How can Jag help Carly so much when she’s struggling?

I know the Slate book is next, but I’m on needles and needles for the Baker story. In this book, a little more is revealed. Thanks to Carly’s empathy, she gets a moment of grace.

Another 5 star book from Susan Stoker. I love her books! The story of Jag and Carly does not disappoint. Lots of feeling in this one. Both Carly and Jag must overcome past traumas to find their HEA. Their bond helps them both deal with their past and creates an even closer bond between them. Susan Stoker never disappoints me with her books. I can’t wait for the next part of this series!

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I have been waiting for this book since the beginning of the series. Jag was one of the favorites and I wasn’t sure about Carly, but he surprised me. Jag’s story broke my heart and I loved how these two were friends first and then fell in love. Great story with a lot of feeling.

Carly was the perfect balance between self-sufficient and needy. Needing a helping hand is nothing to be ashamed of and Susan portrays it beautifully.

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