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Finding Yvonne book pdf download for free or read online, also Finding Yvonne pdf was written by Brandy Colbert.

Brandy Colbert is an American author of young adult and nonfiction, best known for her Stonewall Children’s Award-winning novel Little & Lion.

Colbert was born and raised in the Ozarks in Springfield, Missouri, where he attended Glendale High School. The works of Dorothy West, Barthe DeClements, Jesmyn Ward, Colson Whitehead and Zadie Smith influenced her writing career. He began work on his first novel, Pointe, in 2009, inspired by reports of long-running kidnapping cases. Colbert also teaches in the Children’s Writing MFA Program at Hamline University.

Her teenage debut, Pointe, which follows a teenage dancer in suburban Chicago as she grapples with her dark past, was released by Putnam in 2014. A reviewer for the Chicago Tribune described the novel as “searing” and called the main character “painfully believable”. . You got it all wrong.” The book received a top review from Publishers Weekly.

Her upcoming young adult novel Little & Lion, about a sixteen-year-old bisexual teenager who comes to terms with her brother’s recent diagnosis of bipolar disorder and her own sexuality, was published by Little, Brown in 2017. It received a top review from Booklist and School Library Magazine. It was named Best Teen Romance of the year 2017 by Kirkus Reviews. Little & Lion also won the 2018 Stonewall Prize for Children’s and Young Adult Literature.

Her third novel, Finding Yvonne, about a privileged teenager who decides what to do with her future when she unexpectedly becomes pregnant, was published by Little, Brown in 2018.

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In 2019, Little, Brown published her fourth novel, Birdie Randolph’s Revolution, the coming-of-age story of a 16-year-old girl.

Colbert’s first middle-class novel, The Only Black Girls in Town, about two black girls who find a mysterious diary in their attic, was published by Little, Brown in March 2020. because she found writing for younger audiences more difficult and says she wanted to write something that would have stood out to her as a child. The original idea for the novel came to her when she thought about what would happen if one character thought she was the only black girl in town, but then pulled another across the street. She cites the books by Judy Blume and Beverly Clearly as influences on the novel.

The Only Black Girls in Town received a top rating from the Kirkus Reviews and Publishers Weekly.

2020 was followed by The Voting Booth, about two 18-year-olds on their first day of voting as registered voters, published by Disney Hyperion in 2020.

Colbert has also contributed short stories to anthologies published by St. Martin’s Griffin in 2016, Algonquin Books in 2017, Simon Pulse in 2017 and 2018, HarperCollins in 2017, Harlequin Teen in 2018, and Balzer + Bray in 2019.

BookFinding Yvonne
AuthorBrandy Colbert

Finding Yvonne Book PDF download for free

Mysterious, charming and unlike Warren, he’s the familiar and trusted boy who has her heart. But when Yvonne becomes pregnant, she has to make the most difficult decision about her future.

From the author of Pointe and Little & Lion comes another heartwarming novel about the twists and turns that can occur on a path meant just for you.

Finding Yvonne Book Pdf Download

Yvonne has a violin which she has been playing for as long as she can remember. She thought she loved it. At least that’s what she thinks. As her graduation nears, she knows she must finally put some plans into action. As she tries to figure it out, she struggles to cope with all the other things in her life, like her father, her “boyfriend,” and her unexpected pregnancy.

The main thing I liked about it was the fact that it was a deprecation… about an African American girl. Contemporaries is one of my favorite reads and I’m not sure how many Contemporaries with African American MCs there are, but I haven’t read that many. And this one was incredible. I really wish I had something like this when I was a teenager. And the topic itself is a bit taboo and people don’t like to talk about it. Which made me want to take Colbert down that path even more.

My other favorite part of it was the writing style. I used so many tabs while reading this book. I got lost between the pages several times. It was so easy to dive into Yvonne’s world and learn more about her and her family.

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I also really liked the characters. Yvonne went through a great character arc and learned a lot throughout the story. Even though I didn’t care about her choices, I still wanted to hug her and tell her everything was going to be okay. But sometimes he wanted to strangle her. I tended to agree with Sabina, but understood that Yvonne had to make her own decisions before taking anything seriously. It just took him a long time to communicate with her.

I wasn’t surprised that I liked this one. However, I was surprised that I loved it as much as I did. Brandy Colbert is fast climbing the ladder of my favorite authors. She is an amazing author who has not yet let me down.

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