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Flock book pdf download for free or read online, also Flock pdf was written by Kate Stewart.

USA Today bestselling author and native of Texas Kate Stewart lives in North Carolina with her husband Nick. Set in the Blue Ridge Mountains, Kate writes chaotic, sexy, angst-ridden contemporary romance, romantic comedy and erotic suspense.

Kate’s song “Drive” was named one of the best romances of 2017 by the New York Daily News and the Huffington Post. Drive was also a finalist for the 2017 Goodreads Choice Awards for Best Contemporary Romance. Consisting of Flock, Exodus and The Finish Line, the Ravenhood trilogy has become an international bestseller and reader’s favourite. His Christmas publication, The Plight Before Christmas, peaked at #6 on the Amazon Top 100. Kate’s work has been featured in USA TODAY, BuzzFeed, The New York Daily News, Huffington Post and has been translated into a dozen languages.

Kate loves anything 80’s and 90’s related, especially John Hughes movies and rap. She dabbles in photography a little, can knit a simple knitted scarf out of necessity, and is occasionally very good with whiskey.

AuthorKate Stewart
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Flock Book PDF download for free

Flock Book PDF download for free

This trilogy is a dark and modern version of Robin Hood. It’s an offbeat love story -bad boys/antiheroes- full of suspense, steam, big twists, some action and ALL THE FEELINGS.

Flock Book Pdf Download

Kate Stewart definitely came out to play part 1 of the Ravenhood duo. If you have read Excess, Sexual Awakenings or Predator and Prey, you will love the atmosphere of this book. The topics are relevant and stimulating.
Flock made me feel! He was in a constant state of intrigue and excitement. From beginning to end!

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The story is told from the one point of view. Cecelia, 19, lives with her father separated from her for a year to help her mother.
Cecelia has always been the girl to play it safe. She is an introvert and she has taken care of her mother when she shouldn’t have. Cecelia’s life changes forever when she meets Major Sean and his brotherhood of friends. This is Cecilia’s story. A story of love, heartbreak and without a doubt a journey of self-discovery.

The herd is phenomenal. it’s entertainment. It’s erotic and exciting. A complete package. I was in love with these incredible multi-layered characters and was intrigued by the premise of the story. Stewart kept me guessing and wondering as he fell deeper down the rabbit hole. It’s twisted and so damn addictive. Some questions were answered and the agendas were revealed. Stewart sets the reader up for an epic conclusion with Flock. She laid the perfect foundation for the sequel and I can’t wait to see what she has in store. It’s been a while since Stewart ventured into this genre and I’m so happy she did. I am obsessed with her brilliant and evil mind.

What the hell did I just read?! I literally have no idea, but I loved what I read. LOVED. LOVED! Everything about this book is SO unique. It drew me in effortlessly and everything from the mysteries, the suspense, the intrigue, to the sexual tension and encounters captivated and hooked me from the start.

There are not enough words for the intensity of this story. The characters and this story pushed all boundaries and left me shocked, impressed, and completely addicted. The mystery of this novel is simply wonderful. It’s absolutely brilliant because Kate Stewart successfully wrote a story that kept me guessing, keeping me on my toes, more than fully engaged, and constantly thinking. Flock is a conspiracy theorist’s dream…for me it is! To say that Kate Stewart really outdid herself is an understatement. She completely erased my expectations of Flock. Simply great!

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Flock is without a doubt one of the best books of the year. HANDS DOWN! I’m sitting here showering this book with ALL the stars and praise I have to give because it totally deserves it. This book is the reason I read. I literally want to cry at Kate’s feet right now for writing this book. lol I loved every second of it and am absolutely desperate for Exodus. Thank you Kate!

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