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Flynn book pdf download for free or read online, also Flynn pdf was written by Nyssa Kathryn.

Nyssa Kathryn is an author of romantic tensions. She lives in the South Australia with her daughter and husband and takes every opportunity to make plans and write. With a background in the teaching, Nyssa finds she can let her mind wander in the world of the writing.

AuthorNyssa Kathryn
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Flynn Book PDF download for free

Flynn Book PDF download for free

When Carina Murphy is framed for a crime she didn’t commit, her only option is to start over in a new town. Unfortunately, Cradle Mountain may not be the safe haven she envisioned. Her new patient’s son may be tall, dark and handsome, but he also knows all about her past.

Keeping the job should be the hardest part. Protecting your heart seems to be much more difficult.

Former Delta Flynn Talbot has been kidnapped, separated from his ailing mother and changed forever. His enemies are dead now, he’s back in his hometown with his teammates, he runs Blue Halo Security, and his mother is his top priority.

When it is revealed that his new nurse has a questionable past, Flynn’s first instinct is to keep her away from his mother. But Carina insists that she is innocent. And something in her deep blue eyes that makes him inclined to believe her.

When too many unfortunate events result in Carina needing help, Flynn steps forward. It doesn’t take long for both of them to discover that there are more dangers lurking around them than they thought. And Flynn is risking everything for the woman who stumbled across his town, his life…and his heart.

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Flynn Book Pdf Download

This book wasn’t my favorite in this series. Now before you fear the worst, listen to me. Did I still like this book? Yes, would I still recommend the book? Even if. Why do you ask? Good question, let me tell you.

Flynn is super intense! It reminds me a bit of Kye or Bodie from his first Project Arma series. Of its wildness and its protective keel. Something like that on your face, I need to touch you to make sure you’re alright. (Without swooning, right?) I love his intensity, that deep feeling that he knew Carina was meant to be in his life, even with the twists and turns thrown at her. I think it’s Courtney who quotes her in the book. “These guys have the protective gene in their DNA,” and he’s not wrong. lol Flynn is no exception.

I loved Carina? Yes absolutely! She is very strong and has experienced a pretty bad situation. The poor thing. I felt sorry for that girl but her determination and drive! Oh I love her and her!! She is ready to bare as her world has been shattered. So again, why only start 4 instead of 5? Well for me it was the moment of these 2 characters. I felt there was warmth between the two characters, but it was all on the surface. I didn’t feel their connection until much later in the book.

I can write instant love stories, that’s not the problem, but I felt like this is too much instant love with the underlying issues Flynn has and that he doesn’t trust anyone. Except for his team, his loved ones and his mother. That’s the only flaw I faced in this book. Doesn’t make this book bad in any way! It can only mean. When I re-read this series, I can only read twice instead of four times as I did with the others. Like I said. He loved Flynn and Carina. I loved her!! It was the moment for me.

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Hence I deducted a star. It doesn’t change the fact that I will read this story again, I will still recommend it. I look forward to Aiden’s book.

Another hit from the Blue Halo series starring Flynn and Carina. Flynn doesn’t trust Carina and his past makes him doubt her ability to take care of his mother, he fires her and tries to find a replacement. It’s not easy and meanwhile her mum loves Carina, so she allows her supervised visits. Carina has no choice but to continue caring for Flynn’s mother, there are no other options in the small town, and she begins to prove that she is the best caretaker for her mother.

Not only does she care about her position, her feelings and attraction to Flynn grows, and when he reciprocates, there’s no stopping her… until he breaks her trust and a new threat stalks her.
Oh man I LOVED these two but I’ll admit I was a bit skeptical at first about Flynn who was so easy going from one to the other without wasting any time even if the first one was the wrong choice to begin with…

BUT I grew fond of him and his intensity and protection which jumped out of the pages for Carina. Carina was a strong and independent woman who didn’t give in and showed that she was worth fighting for… and humiliating yourself to win her back. The story flowed beautifully with steam, suspense, twists and turns and it looks like more surprises are to come for the Blue Halo team… CAN’T WAIT!

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