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Forbidden French book pdf download for free or read online, also Forbidden French pdf was written by R.S. Grey.

BookForbidden French
AuthorR.S. Grey
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Forbidden French Book PDF download for free

Forbidden French Book PDF download for free

Emmett Mercier was once the golden boy at St. John’s boarding school. The crown prince of his father’s vast business empire, he’s incredibly handsome… oh, and he’s fluent in French.

I hid a picture of him under my pillow at school, a small token of my teenage crush, but I might as well have worshiped a distant demigod. He was hardly aware of my existence. I was too young and he too important until one day we found ourselves alone in the dark library and formed a kind of friendship.

But in the years since I left St. John’s, I didn’t bother to miss Emmett. What a useless dream. I would have gone insane trying to keep up with his life in high society. Which Paris hotel do you call home now? Is there a new agile model hanging in your lap today?

My negligence bites me again. I’m not prepared for the day he walks into my art gallery. There is only one trace left of the boy I once knew. Confident, handsome, intoxicating: Emmett is more man than I can take.

There is no room for him in my gilded cage. My life is perfectly planned. Where I go, how I dress, it all depends on my grandmother’s calculated whims. Soon I will even obediently walk down the aisle to a man of your choice.

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Emmett can’t stand my obedience. Now that we have rekindled our friendship, he intends to discover the true workings of my heart.

And therein lies the problem: I was fine without him, but now that he’s shaking the bars of my cage, I’m forced to admit the truth.

Emmett Mercier was once everything I wanted. The midnight wanderings, the whispered nothingness, the unbearable longing have etched indelible marks on my soul. Even now, after all these years, my heart only speaks one language fluently.

Forbidden French Pdf Download

I loved Forbidden French book! RS Gray never fails to impress. The characters were so easy to love and the story was so cute! The excitement is palpable and I was so hooked! I loved that the intimacy was more “intimate” haha. I don’t feel like I see many sex scenes done so tastefully. I’m more of a closed book person, so I really appreciated that there were fewer scenes to skip.

I know this can be a scam for some people haha. This book has something to do with My Professor, which I liked, but you don’t have to read My Professor at all. It’s more like they live in the same world, but isn’t that a series? Definitely worth reading!! I LOVE Rachel and everything she writes is golden.

I loved that Forbidden French book is about a girl and her childhood crush when he was 5 years older. She was just a kid then and he didn’t even think about her like that. When they meet again as adults, the timing is perfect. Lainey is a sweet, protected and obedient granddaughter. Emmett is a handsome son, hardworking and not too playboy. Circumstances bring them back into each other’s lives, but their chemistry holds them together. This book was a pleasant surprise. I loved watching Lainey recover and Emmett lose control.

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I definitely couldn’t put this book down. I love this author’s books but this is probably my new favorite. The characters are relatable and you feel like you really know them. I felt like I had a lot of similarities with Lainey despite not growing up rich. Speaking of money, it’s interesting to take a look at that world in this book. It seems that many people’s dream is to get rich, but there are problems in real life that come with money. That became very clear in this book. All in all, I have to say that I loved this book and will definitely read it again.

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