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Four Always book pdf download for free or read online, also Four Always pdf was written by Stephanie Brother.

BookFour Always
AuthorStephanie Brother
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Four Always Book PDF download for free

Four Always Book PDF download for free

I have a secret. Actually four. Big and strong, they make a living stripping down for their adoring fans. But they gave me free private shows.

When an innocent delivery from a bakery surrounded by four hot male strippers I have no chance to resist.

As a plus-size woman, I’m used to being overlooked by men, but the Stanton brothers amaze me with their playful charm, piercing eyes, and beautiful muscles.

Maddox loves to make me laugh, but when it comes to worshiping my curves and giving me pleasure, he doesn’t mince his words.

The men’s revue’s twin stars, Diesel and Dodge, make me feel like the only woman in the room, even when I’m performing in front of large crowds.

Chase is the kind of guy who goes after what he wants, and he makes it clear that his goal is for the five of us to be together.

I can’t get enough of them, although I have to sneak away to see them. My ultra-strict parents fought to keep their club from opening on the island, and they’ll go mad if they find out I’m messing with the owners.

So the four men and I share stolen moments and plan a secret date that makes being together even more exciting.

I knew from the start it couldn’t last, but the brothers don’t just want an affair, they want a relationship with me and they want the world to know.

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Being with men would mean choosing them over my family. When chasing a happy ending destroys everything else in your life, is it ever worth it?

Four Always is Book 8 in the FOUR series, standalone reverse harem romances with characters that continue to appear.

Four Always Pdf Download

I really enjoyed Four Always harem reverse romance. Jade’s parents are very religious, she is a very serious person, when she sends them to deliver pies, she meets Deisel, Dodge, Maddox and Chase.
The four brothers own a club. Jade’s parents tried to stop her from growing her tall, strong, beautiful and undressing to earn a living, but they want to give Jade a private show, she has no chance to resist them, worried there will be an advantage . Taller women are often overlooked by men, but the Stanton brothers take care of their curves.

I definitely recommend checking out Four Always gripping reverse harem story. Deisel, Maddox, Chase, Dodge and Jade will take you on the journey trying to hide their relationship, worried about what people will think. You must get this book to see if everyone gets a HEA, it’s definitely a must read.

I loved that part of the world of four. I especially like that Jade is a curvy girl and not the kind of supermodel romance novels tend to be. I loved being able to empathize with Jade, from her insecurities to her difficult relationship with her parents, she is down to earth and approachable. You can easily find parts of yourself in Jade and she is a very well written character.

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He also loved men. Straightforward and direct, you know exactly what you want and don’t let society or your job get in your way.
Four Always was a great confidence building story throughout the book and I loved it.

Jade worked at the local bakery where her boss asked her to deliver some baked goods for Club Red, a new spot in the magazine. Although most on the island considered it a strip bar. While at the club, he met twin owners, Dodge and Diesel, and their older and younger brothers, Chase and Maddox Stanton. Everyone was quite mesmerized by Jade’s beauty. She was later invited to the show for free, but she didn’t feel it was for her.

The next day, they showed up at the bakery for lunch to invite her back, only to explain what the show was about. Eventually, she went to a show with her friend Becca, but was jealous of the other women who saw so much of what she thought were their men. She started meeting the boys at her house so no one would find out about them, especially their parents. The boys showed great understanding and patience with Jade, keeping them a secret from their parents and not wanting to be seen with them in public.

Jade had to come to terms with growing up and setting guidelines for her parents in her life before she could live her life. Up until that moment, she was afraid of what they might think or say, or they might just deny her. She wasn’t her own person. An entertaining read as Jade and her four cubs bond as Jade learns to overcome her many insecurities with the help of her cubs. These men were truly incredible gentlemen.

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