Download Fractured Shadows [PDF] By K.A Knight

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Fractured Shadows book pdf download for free or read online, also Fractured Shadows pdf was written by K.A Knight.

BookFractured Shadows
AuthorK.A Knight
Size609 KB

Fractured Shadows Book PDF download for free

Fractured Shadows Book PDF download for free

Our lands are broken.

Divided into three since before birth…. but they really were not always like this.

Once we made it, the magic filled our land before we were locked up with them.

The monsters.

Now we really suffer, we starve, even as our king grows stronger.


And then one day my sister is asked to make the ultimate sacrifice.

Unable to lose the only person I love, I willingly take her place.

I protect her the only way I can.

My name is Cora Black and I was barely twenty years old when I was sacrificed to the monsters.

If only they knew that I yearn for the same darkness that lives behind their monstrous facades.

If only the king knew that I am as monstrous as they are.

The shadows save me, the shadows guide me.

shadows break me

Fractured Shadows Book Pdf Download

Would you like to immerse yourself in a world that has to do with humans and monsters? Magic or no magic? Where the heroine is strong and ready to challenge the system? Where everything is not what it seems? Where creepy monsters are just giant cuddly toys when it comes to their love? If you said any of the above yesterday, then this book is for you. Great world building, characters to love. And just a joy to read!

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At first I thought this would be darker than a suspense thriller. I’m glad it wasn’t.
I’m totally fascinated with all the monsters, their personalities and I think my favorite is Braken… But Grim is great too… Nero is very… interesting with his… um… You must read to discover.

I didn’t know it was going to be a Why Choose, super happy that it was. I love the different types of monsters.

I felt a bit rushed at the end and some of the relationships were too.
I still loved the book.

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