Download Friday Night Lies [PDF] By C.W. Farnsworth

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Friday Night Lies book pdf download for free or read online, also Friday Night Lies pdf was written by C.W. Farnsworth.

BookFriday Night Lies
AuthorC.W. Farnsworth
Size347 KB

Friday Night Lies Book PDF download for free

Friday Night Lies Book PDF download for free

His name starts with an H. Also luck. Heart pain. Home. Tires. All the things I associate with him.

Ever since my family moved across the street when we were both kids, Holden Adams has been that guy. my first love My former confidant. My best friend’s brother. He is the biggest of the big and the smallest of the little.

I love it.

I hate it.

One of them is a lie.

I’m just… I’m not sure which one.

Friday Night Lies Pdf Download

Holden is rebellious, wild, and impulsive, but behind that battered exterior is a boy who wants love and stability. His father always went to work, his mother went when he was a kid, so he and his sister are there. As well as her best friend Cassia. The girl he used to be best friends with until he pushed her away. Holden needs valves to control his anger, that’s basketball. The only place where you feel like everything is disappearing. Everyone except her. Can he prove to himself and everyone around him that he’s not a rebellious and carefree kid, or was he wrong to let Cassia back into his world only to rip it apart again?

Cassia is the perfect student and daughter. You get good grades, help out in school when needed, do everything you’ve worked hard to get into a good college. She is the eldest of 6, so she also helps around the house. Her only escape is Friday nights at her best friend’s house. But there he is too. The boy who broke her heart by pushing her. Now Holden is back in his life, but has he really changed? Can she uncover some of his mysteries and see the good that lies hidden, or prepare for more heartbreak?

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I liked this book. I had way more emotions for these characters than I thought. But he also had to remember that they are in high school. Holden was so broken he needed love to mend the holes he had caused by driving people away. As shy as Cassia was, she spoke frankly with Holden. I loved the character of Sydney; sister/best friend and hope to see more. I definitely recommend it

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