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God Of Pain book pdf download for free or read online, also God Of Pain pdf was written by Rina Kent.

BookGod Of Pain
AuthorRina Kent
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God Of Pain Book PDF download for free

God Of Pain Book PDF download for free

From USA Today bestselling author Rina Kent comes a new college romance STANDALONE filled with dour sunshine.

I made a terrible mistake.
As a mafia princess, I knew my fate was already decided.
But I kept walking and longing for the wrong one.
Creighton King is bad news with a handsome exterior.
He is quiet, brooding and obviously emotionally unavailable.
So I thought it was over.
Until a beast awakens inside me.
My name is Annika Volkov and I am really Creighton’s worst enemy.
It won’t stop until I break.
Or I’ll break it

God Of Pain Book Pdf Download

First off let me say that I have a carefully crafted nightly routine, I do it religiously, and I said fuck keep reading GOP, I literally fell asleep sitting up with my Kindle because I couldn’t put it down Rina creates a masterpiece and immersive world you won’t want to leave, giving you characters to bond with and a story that finds its way into your soul and takes root. After reading God of Malice, I had LOTS of questions about Creighton and his ominous past.

I always loved how he basically ignored Annika and her chatter and how super calm he was. These interactions form the perfect beginning of their relationship. Creighton’s dark past is perfectly unraveled by Annika, who tirelessly searches for more information about what lies beneath the surface of Creighton’s exterior, but Creighton’s time comes at a price for Annika. Pains. Creighton has certain preferences, and when he unleashes them on Annika, she discovers a part of herself lurking deep inside. Over time, their worlds seem to align and rearrange themselves, until all things hidden in the darkness come to light in one blinding moment.

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I really don’t know how Rina does it to me every time, she turned my world upside down and made me like times I’m amazed at how Rina can connect two characters so completely. Creighton with his possessiveness, dominance and deviant tastes was absolutely delicious I highlighted paragraph after paragraph with racy scenes. We mustn’t forget to get parents’ views either, it always makes me squeal with delight when I come to one. I will always recommend Rina and God of Pain is no different. Read immediately. you will love it trust me

Rina Kent did it again!! I could really read your books over and over again! Each one is unique, sexy and just grabs you. I was so excited for the story of Cray Cray and Anni and was not disappointed!

Creighton is that quiet man… one of those men who watches and observes instead of talking and voicing his opinions. He also finds it difficult to open up with Anni at first, but she seems to be the only person he can endure. He has such a horrific past that it breaks your heart and makes you want to hug him… just like Anni.

Annika is a mafia princess… she starts out as a typical 17-year-old who’s a bit immature but really wants to get Crey out of her shell. She soon learns that Creighton has his own secrets that he doesn’t want to share. However, when her father threatens to marry her off, Crey soon discovers that she will not belong to anyone but him… if only to pass some energy. As the story progresses, Annika really grows up, matures and discovers what she wants in life and in a partner. I liked that she stood up for herself and what she wants against Crey and his sometimes overbearing personality.

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This story is a wild ride from the crazy past Creighton experienced to the current situation where Annika is dealing with her father and brother. Add in the rivalry between the pagans, the elites and the serpents, all the trouble between the other couples and the resulting mayhem, and you have an amazing story that you won’t be able to put down! I can’t wait to read everyone else’s books! You will definitely get so much more information about her life that it will make you really excited to read the rest of the series!

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