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Going Rogue Book pdf download for free or read online, also Going Rogue pdf was written by Cassie Mint.

BookGoing Rogue
AuthorCassie Mint
Size636 KB

Going Rogue Book PDF download for free

Going Rogue Book PDF download for free

How can I express how much I LOVED this passionate and fast-paced romance? How do I declare adoration for these characters? How do I summarize all the feelings I had while reading this book? That’s a tough question, so maybe buy this book and experience it for yourself!

Sarge and Phoebe are socially awkward characters. Sarge is big and scarred, and people tend to shy away from him out of fear. Phoebe is petite and artistic, with a quirk that she keeps people at bay. What they really needed was each other. They complement each other perfectly and are made for each other. I also liked the story of the double virgin. I even loved the use of the Sarge’s love of fighting and also how perfectly Phoebe fit into this world with him! Definitely a MUST READ novel, so purchase your copy today and enjoy every moment.

Going Rogue Pdf Download

Cassie knocked another one out of the park with this one, she loved it. These 2 main characters are a perfect match. It looks like a bloodthirsty inferno, but inside is a marshmallow. She seems like a small thing, but she has a raging, bloodthirsty inferno inside her, at least when it comes to her art and her husband. This is a well written Installlove story with a HEA, and I would recommend this story and series to anyone looking for a spicy and enjoyable read.

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I really liked Going Rogue. Phoebe has found the fighter she wants to dress in all his glory, Sarge. Unfortunately. Sarge tells her no until she confronts him and then she is shocked. He is the perfect character for your graphic novel. Phoebe is a strange and awkward girl, but she is attracted to Sarge. She reacts badly when she thinks he doesn’t like his drawing, but Sarge is also clumsy and causes a misunderstanding. Fortunately, Phoebe finds Sarge and fixes it. Can this weird girl and brutal fighter have a future together? That was a quick read. It had a good plot and I liked the weirdness of the characters, something different. I would definitely recommend this book.

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