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Gothikana book pdf download for free or read online, also Gothikana pdf was written by RuNyx.

A USA TODAY and the Amazon Top 20 international bestseller, RuNyx enjoys creating the universes and setting them on fire. He loves to travel, wants to adopt a dog before he is 30 and learn different languages. When he is not writing, he reads, travels, meditates, daydreams and, above all, procrastinates.

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Gothikana Book PDF download for free

Gothikana Book PDF download for free

An outcast all her life, Corvina Clemm is helpless after the loss of her mother. When she receives the acceptance letter from the mysterious University of Verenmore, she accepts it as a sign from the universe. However, the last thing that awaits them is an ancient and isolated castle on a mountain riddled with mystery, deceit and death.

A lifelong mystery, Vad Deverell likes to be a closed book but he knows exactly what’s going on at the university. As a part-time professor working on his Ph.D., Vad has been around long enough to understand the dangers the castle poses. And he knows that the moment his paths cross with Corvina, she is dangerous to everything he is.

They shouldn’t have drawn attention. you can’t be But a chilling centuries-old mystery forces them to clash. For over a hundred years, people have been disappearing every five years, and Corvina gets clues to solve everything, and Vad has to keep an eye on them.

Gothikana Book Pdf Download

Corvina was always an outcast growing up. She has strange purple eyes that have always made her stand out in her small town, while she also lives with rumors that she and her mother are witches and use dark magic. Raised and homeschooled by her single mother, she is not the best with people and lacks social skills. When she receives an admission letter to the University of Verenmore, a centuries-old gothic castle perched atop a dark and eerie mountain, she decides this is the perfect opportunity to start over where no one knows her.

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She can have a fresh start and maybe even make friends. Being in a place where she can be herself will do her good…until she meets Verenmore’s “silver-eyed devil” and starts hearing voices, she sees shadows and flickering apparitions in her peripheral vision…

Vad is a professor at the University of Verenmore while he completes his doctoral thesis. He has worked at the university for a long time, even attending school there when he was young, and is thus equipped with everything there is to know about Verenmore. Nothing that happens on mountain escapes from his knowledge.

It is very dark, mysterious and melancholy. He keeps all his cards close to his vest and even keeps a few secrets that no one else would guess. No one on the campus knows anything about him. When he first sees Corvina on campus, he knows she’s causing trouble. He is attracted to her like no other, but he has to keep an eye on her for other reasons.

When evil stories of humans disappearing every 5 years cause their worlds to crumble even further and Corvina begins to uncover clues that may separate truth from myth, can they trust each other to unravel the centuries-old mystery? As Vad’s secrets are revealed, Corvina is able to discover if she is really trying to solve the mystery or if he is the real reason behind the evil madness brewing in the castle.

Gothikana book grabbed me from page one and to the end! I loved all the suspense that followed this story. It made me want more more more. There were several times where I thought I was on the right track only for the story to take a turn. I didn’t see the plot twist coming in this one! like WOW! This story gave me all the dark, haunted, creepy, creepy vibes and I was totally there for it. I can’t wait to dive back into Verenmore’s story in Arkana!

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