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Grey Sister book pdf download for free or read online, also Grey Sister pdf was written by Mark Lawrence.

BookGrey Sister
AuthorMark Lawrence
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Grey Sister Book PDF download for free

Grey Sister Book PDF download for free

Behind its walls, the Sweet Mercy Convent has been training girls to hone their skills for centuries. In Mystic Class, novice Nona Gray has begun to learn the mysteries of the universe. But too often, even the deepest truths only make our decisions more difficult. Before leaving the convent, Nona must decide which order she will dedicate herself to and whether her path will lead to a life of prayer and service or one of sword and fist.

All that stands between her and those decisions is the pride of a failed assassin, the intentions of an aspiring empress who wields the Inquisition like a knife, and the revenge of the richest lord in the Empire.

As the world closes in around her and her enemies attack her through the system she’s sworn to defend, Nona must find her own path despite the competing forces of friendship, revenge and… , ambition and loyalty.

And in all of this, only one thing is certain: the blood will flow.

Grey Sister Book Pdf Download

In this second part of the Ancestor series, Mark Lawrence builds on the great story that began in Red Sister. The book continues to follow novice Nona Gray as she goes through her training at a rather unusual monastery and learns how to become a living weapon.

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I won’t post spoilers, suffice to say I loved the story Lawrence weaves. The setting is really interesting, and the second book reveals new information about the world and origins while hinting at more.

There are similarities in this with the first two Lawrence trilogies (both 5* series, don’t be shy, also take the plunge with the Broken Empire series and then move on to the Red Queen’s War trilogy as they are sequential series). The world has emerged from a great technological age. In the first two trilogies this world was a future earth, in this one I don’t think so. It’s a more interesting setting than the typical feudal/medieval trope.

I loved this book and can’t wait to revisit Sweet Mercy Abbey for the next part. I hope this becomes a series that goes beyond a trilogy as I have enjoyed both this and Red Sister.

Book two of a fantasy trilogy called Books of the Ancestor. It started with “Red Sister”. The story is about Nona, a young woman saved from death who is initiated into an order of female warriors.

New readers will get more out of the series by reading this, so I recommend starting there.

Okay, keep reading.

This volume has four hundred and seven pages. It has forty-seven chapters. A prologue and an epilogue.

It also starts with a unique little device that tries to remind you of what happened in book one and is only four pages long giving the main facts rather than a synopsis. It was four years for me and I found that it worked very well. I was there from the beginning. Which was a good feeling as returning to the series often takes longer.

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A little older now, Nona is going through the next stage of her initiation. But new enemies put them in a deadly situation. While Abbess Glass has its own problems…

A good and solid second book in the series. It does more than set things up for the ending, as there seems to be some real narrative progression. It’s sort of a book with two halves, the first being the somewhat familiar main character in an order that learns things, makes friends and enemies, and has wise guardians to guide them, which is a bit common in fantasy. Although the characters tend to be female rather than male, this kind of thing gives it a different look. However, one of the enemies is all too familiar as a character.

It moves well enough for the first half like this, but you feel a bit familiar. Fortunately, it has a complete change of direction halfway through, entering more interesting and unique territory that doesn’t require action and plot developments.

I liked that, but the writing wasn’t all that it could have been. The prose could be a bit more impressive as the setting is so interesting, but it’s the kind of prose I’ve sometimes skimmed too far. The story was about hugging me though, so it’s a shame the writing wasn’t as much. Last but not least, the setting is interesting, but it still seems to give away a lot about it.

As with volume one, it’s very intense, so it’s for adult readers only.

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