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Half Wild book pdf download for free or read online, also Half Wild was written by Sally Green.

BookHalf Wild ( The Half Bad Trilogy Book 2 )
AuthorSally Green
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Half Wild Book PDF download for free

Half Wild Book PDF download for free

Half Wild is The shocking sequel to Sally Green’s stunning debut novel – HALF BAD.

In Half Wild After finally meeting his elusive father, Marcus, and receiving the three gifts that validate him as an adult sorcerer, Nathan is still on the run. He must find his friend Gabriel and save Annalize, who is now a prisoner of the powerful black witch Mercury. Above all, he must learn to control his Quirk, a strange and wild new power that threatens to overwhelm him.

Meanwhile, Soul O’Brien has taken control of the White Witches’ Council and extends his war against the Black Witches to Europe. In response, an unprecedented alliance has formed between black and white witches determined to stand up to him. Drawn into the rebellion by the enigmatic black witch Van Dal, Nathan finds himself battling old friends and old foes. But can all rebels be trusted, or is Nathan walking into a trap?

Half Wild Book Pdf Download

Sally Green may have borrowed much of YA’s well-known stories about witches and their craft; There doesn’t seem to be much groundbreaking in this genre since Phillip Pullman’s His Dark Materials. However, it definitely did, with this second part it gave the genre its own nod. Half Wild is pretty awesome, and more than a little gross at times. This isn’t Harry, Ron, and Hermione looking for the Deathly Hallows. Not even remotely.

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The ongoing saga of half-code Nathan and his crush partner Gabriel and the beautiful Annalize escalates a bit. Like Father Marcus, Nathan’s gift turns into wild animals. Much of the first half is spent researching and controlling the ability while also searching for and freeing his girlfriend, Annalize. I found the first third of the book fascinating. The second parts are noticeably delayed, and Half Wild falls a bit in the middle. Also, he spends too much time looking for the bride and gossiping about “the Alliance”.

With that said, Green gets things back on track for an explosive, action-packed finale. There’s more than a little bit of violence in this book — there’s a lot, and only any parent can judge what’s right for their teen. The last chapter had an incident between father and son that I found absolutely disgusting. To my great amazement, other reviewers don’t seem to mind.

Maybe I’m too scared. I would have no hesitation in letting kids as young as 15 read, but certainly not tweens. The violence may not be random or random, but it is plentiful and constant. An interesting puzzle for teenage parents – a beautifully written problem book.

Reservation! If you haven’t read the first book in the series – Half Bad – please stop reading as this review may contain spoilers for Book 1.

Half Wild is the sequel to Half Bad about a boy named Nathan who was born a half white witch and half black witch. The first book mainly tells about how Nathan grew up as a semi-code and how he overcame the torture the White Witches put him through just because he is the son of the really most evil Black Witch named: Marcus. The first book also focuses a lot on Nathan’s character development.

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Half Wild began the scene after Nathan escaped from the White Witch Hunters in Geneva. The first part focuses on Nathan’s flashbacks to what happened in Half Bad and this is a great idea to refresh our memories of what we read in the first book. Another reason for the flashbacks is that Nathan stays positive thinking about the good memories. He tries very hard to control his temper and adrenaline levels to avoid morphing and morphing into an animal form – his quirk after Marcus performed the dar when he turned seventeen.

At first, Nathan is confused by his quirk. He couldn’t remember what he had done after transforming, but he could still remember the taste of blood in his mouth. Desperate to control his newly acquired ability, he tries very hard to control his animal side and stop killing.

Nathan is soon invited to join the Alliance of Black and White Witches (and other half-codes) to fight against the corrupt Council of White Witches and their hunters. There used to be harmony between the White and Black Witches, where no boundary was crossed. Now Nathan and his Alliance friends want to overthrow the new leader of the White Witches, who is ruthless and power-hungry.

I like the part where the author addresses the confusion of Nathan’s identity, where one of the Black Witches thinks that Nathan is neither a Black nor a White Witch; Gabriel believes he is the Warlock Supreme who has the strength of both sides; The white witches think he’s black and after all he doesn’t know what Marcus thinks of him. This really happens in our real lives, where someone born into a multiracial family is sometimes confused about where they came from and feel like they don’t belong anywhere.

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For me, I agree with Gabriel that Nathan inherits both the strength of his Black Witch father and his White Witch mother. Although Nathan knows he has the ability to kill, he tries very hard not to take life when it is unnecessary.

The story picks up the pace fairly quickly in the early parts of the book and eventually I feel faster moments as I read it. While Half Bad focuses primarily on Nathan’s character development, I think the author’s writing improves greatly in this book. The author balances character development and plot intensity to make the story richer and more engaging.

Still, among witches there is no magical casting like in Harry Potter. I would say that the author has created an entirely new setting and worldview for witches, whose gifts are more akin to supernatural abilities, such as invisibility, stopping time, and transforming animals. Hmm… sounds like X-Men to me.

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