Download Happenstance [PDF] By Tessa Bailey

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Happenstance book pdf download for free or read online, also Happenstance pdf was written by Tessa Bailey.

AuthorTessa Bailey
Size647 KB

Happenstance Book PDF download for free

Happenstance Book PDF download for free

Elise Brandeis has never won a Pulitzer and never will. At least not while he’s delivering sandwiches at the Gotham Times instead of working there as a real reporter. Your only chance of getting your signature in print is to prove to the editor that you have a flair for news. And it has just the right story to grab her elusive attention.

Right after I delivered that turkey with ciabatta bread.

The search for clues leads Elise to Roosevelt Island, but just as the trail of clues begins to take shape, she gets stuck. Literally. In a cable car with three strangers who couldn’t be more different. An uptight rugby coach, a construction worker and a former adult film star who pretends not to recognize each other too well.

Happenstance Pdf Download

At first, Elise desires nothing more than to be rescued as soon as possible.

An hour later everything has changed. By sheer coincidence, four different journeys have collided in intense and meaningful ways. Suddenly untangling your life feels more impossible than winning that Pulitzer. Good thing Elise is too busy proving herself at work to think about three friends. Nobody has time for that, even if it feels so good to give in. But three heads are better than one, and these loners will learn to work together to win Elise forever…

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And more importantly, keep their dirty socks off the floor.

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