Download Hating The Player [PDF] By Rebecca Jenshak

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Hating The Player book pdf download for free or read online, also Hating The Player pdf was written by Rebecca Jenshak.

BookHating The Player
AuthorRebecca Jenshak
Size372 KB

Hating The Player Book PDF download for free

Hating The Player Book PDF download for free

Gavin Leonard is the worst.

He lives in the best off-campus party house in Valley U, which is packed with jocks galore.

I live next door and watch Jane Austen adaptations, sketchbook in hand.

He stays on his other side of the fence.

I stay with mine.

Now we are on a camping trip together, but there is only one tent left.

Gavin Leonard is the worst.

And he’s really the last guy to break my heart.

Hating The Player Book Pdf Download

I love this this series! The sweet chemistry, the lovable characters, all the charm and sincerity along with the humor and complexities of growing up. I can’t get enough of the Wallflower team, and I’m so happy that we get to see Violet finding her HEA and Gavin redeeming himself so perfectly.

After getting glimpses into Gavin and Violet’s complicated past and the tangled state of their relationship, I knew this story was going to have a little more heartbreak, a lot of back and forth, and a lot of drama. She was so curious to find out what really happened between them, and if Rebecca could really save Gavin, though she logically knew there had to be more to the story.

More than that, could VIOLET forgive Gavin? She showed no signs of wanting to understand, even trying to figure out what exactly happened that led to the anguish she was experiencing. But she lets Rebecca force Violet’s hands: a bit of forced closeness, a stubborn hero, and sweet moments of vulnerability created just the right moments needed to force these two to come to terms with their past and unresolved feelings.

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Violet was as amazing as she expected! I didn’t expect her story to unfold the way she did, but I loved that the emotional content and character journeys didn’t just focus on their suspicions/past, and that we didn’t spend a lot of time on that. seeing that past situation or having a lot of drama OW that was a real scare for me. Rebecca focuses this story primarily on her present, with a surprising but deeply connected arc about the weight of family and expectations, the tensions around determining your future as a freshly baked adult, and all the insecurities that come with it.

While Violet was everything I hoped she would be, I also loved getting into her heart, seeing that she was more than her rigid judgments and her unsportsmanlike frustration. To understand how seriously hurt she was. I loved her cheek and her vulnerability. I’m glad we got more than the bitter/angry little things we saw from her in book one, we got all the beauty of her and variety of her.

And Gavin totally surprised me, I didn’t expect to like him so easily, especially given what I suspected in the past based on what we’d seen through Violet’s eyes, but he’s so damn charming. And the hero taking care of a sick heroine is literally my Achilles tendon, like my God.

I loved everything about flirting with Jane Austen; I can’t even begin to express how sweet and magical their chemistry is. I loved all the cute and thoughtful little things he does throughout the story to win back Violet’s heart – he’s so swooned. Their chemistry is really cute and I love how they fit together. She centers him and he gets her to open her heart, she gives him a real second chance.

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And my wallflower, gah, I love this gang of girls so much. And we are going to have an amazing cutie from Daisy Jordan that makes my heart so happy. Overall a super cool visit with this great group of friends. I can’t get enough of this!

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