Download Hawthorne Legacy [PDF] By Jennifer Lynn Barnes

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Hawthorne Legacy book pdf download for free or read online, also Hawthorne Legacy pdf was written by Jennifer Lynn Barnes.

BookHawthorne Legacy
AuthorJennifer Lynn Barnes
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Hawthorne Legacy Book PDF download for free

Hawthorne Legacy Book PDF download for free

THE HAWTHORNE LEGACY is the twisted, suspenseful and satisfying sequel we’ve been waiting for. Beginning with THE HERITAGE GAMES, Avery Grambs now searches for answers about herself, her past, and the people she thought she knew. As she plays the games of the man who left her an incredible fortune, she must decide who she wants to be when it’s all over.

So much money has enabled the Hawthornes to hide so many secrets. As Avery works with the brothers to uncover them, many shocking truths will emerge, with an unclear end in sight. These games they play can have deadly consequences for sufferers who are also seeking and for sufferers who will do whatever it takes to get what they want.

Hawthorne Legacy Book Pdf Download

Hawthorne Legacy is Twisty, intriguing, surprising to the end. I was needles and needles the whole book, wanting to know what was going to happen next.

While we still enjoy a good riddle presented by dear Mr. Hawthorne, we also get more answers in this book than in the last. Just when you think you’ve cracked that book, Barnes throws another curveball at you. I’ll admit most of the revelations weren’t too shocking, it was still interesting how it all happened. But there were still some shocking moments. With so many questions answered and mysteries solved, it’s hard to see where Barnes could take the next book in the series, but I’m sure he has something good up his sleeve.

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I love that we got to see a little more of Avery’s best friend, Max, and her sister, Libby. These are two relevant characters that aren’t too involved in the games, so both books leave them out. Max got a little more into the story in this book, as did Libby, but I still wish we saw more of them.

As in the first book, the romance is absent. Our main character, Avery, is involved in a love triangle but never really makes a decision about either of them. We believe she ultimately chose one of them, but even a choice that didn’t feel like one she made. It can just feel like procrastinating. The romance can be very similar to the love triangle in The Naturals. As long as you read more about the plot and mystery of it all and less about the romance, you will continue to enjoy this book immensely.

Overall, this was another amazing book from Barnes. She is amazing at putting secrets and riddles together and presenting them in interesting ways. I can’t wait for the next book!

What I Loved: These books are absolutely delightfully mysterious and twisted. Avery and the brothers are constantly solving riddles and brain teasers, and every time it seems like they’ve figured something out, a shocking twist has the reader questioning everything. I love that you can go ahead and come to the same conclusions that the characters come to (even though they’re much faster and better at solving these complex puzzles than most of us) and still manage to to surprise and amaze. by the way.

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This is a book you just can’t stop reading and just keep turning the pages to discover more. Even at the end there are still unsolved mysteries and a theme arises about the power of knowledge/ignorance and where you draw the line in quests. Life is always a mystery to us mortals, although Hawthorne’s is a bit more literal.

There were some intriguing themes about love/feelings, the definition of family, publicity, money and secrets that definitely make this book worth discussing in a book group. The characterizations were also very interesting and I loved how the key characters grew, especially Avery but also some of the brothers. The romance is also the icing on the cake.

Final Verdict: THE HAWTHORNE LEGACY is a captivating and utterly devourable conclusion and a compelling read about mystery and family.

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