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Hello Stranger book pdf download for free or read online, also Hello Stranger pdf was written by Lisa Kleypas.

Lisa Kleypas is the author of a series of historical romance novels that have been published in fourteen languages. In 1985 she was crowned Miss Massachusetts and took part in the Miss America pageant in Atlantic City.

BookHello Stranger
AuthorLisa Kleypas
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Hello Stranger Book PDF download for free

Hello Stranger Book PDF download for free

A woman who defies her time

dr Garrett Gibson, the only female doctor in England, is as bold and independent as any man, so why not enjoy her pleasures as such? Until now, however, he has never been tempted to embark on an adventure. Ethan Ransom, a former Scotland Yard detective, is as chivalrous as he is mysterious, a killer-turned-murderer whose true allegiances remain a mystery. In one exciting night, they give in to their strong attraction before becoming strangers again.

A man who breaks all the rules.

As a Ravenel shunned by his father, Ethan has little interest in high society but is fascinated by the brave and handsome Garrett. Despite their promise to resist each other after this great night, they soon find themselves drawn into their most dangerous mission yet. If the mission goes awry, it will take all of Garrett’s skill and courage to save him. Faced with the threat of a treacherous government conspiracy, Ethan is willing to risk anything for the love of the most extraordinary woman he’s ever met.

Hello Stranger Book Pdf Download

Hello Stranger is the story of Dr. Garrett Gibson and Ethan Ransom. We first met both characters in Marrying Winterborne; now they’re back with more intrigue. Ethan has always surrounded him with an aura of mystery since his introduction. He often does side jobs for Rhys Winterborne, such as following his wife, Lady Helen, to protect her. He also shows up unexpectedly to help Dr. to follow Gibson as she works in a shady area of ​​London. At other times he is considered an assassin who can work as a spy for or against England.

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dr Garrett Gibson has the unique distinction of being the only female doctor in England. Due to the prejudices of the time, she found it difficult to open her practice until Winterborne hired her as one of her doctors. She often catches Ethan’s eyes on her when he’s treating patients, but despite their mutual attraction, he always keeps his distance.

i loved this story. I love the mystery surrounding Ethan Ransom’s legacy and activities. I had an inkling of what his backstory would reveal, but learning it from his perspective was enjoyable and entertaining. He is an undercover agent who spies on people and activities. Whether he works for or against England is unclear. There’s a healthy dose of suspense as we learn more about his espionage and the people who want him dead.

Garrett is a wonderfully developed character. She is confident and determined. The chemistry between Garrett and Ethan is obvious. She is open to Ethan training her in self-defense, and Garrett is more than willing to take the training to keep Garrett safe in the shadier parts of London. I love your need to keep up with your medical practice. Garrett is willing to try new procedures if her patients require it. These are frowned upon by male doctors, but she is confident in her research and skills.

I seem to change my mind with each new book in the series, but Hello Stranger is now my favorite book in the series. The story unfolds at a perfect pace with the right amount of romance, suspense and character development. Each paragraph prompts the reader to move on to the next.

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As with the previous books, I also listened to the audio book. Mary Jane Wells does an excellent job with her character voices, overall tone and interpretation of events all coming together to add another layer of fun to a fantastic story.

Lisa Kleypas wrote some of my all-time favorite romances, but I found her Ravenel series lackluster and almost boring. Until now! Hello Stranger is Kleypas back in full form, with a fully realized badass heroine and a hero worthy of her. Their relationship plays out in an interesting and believable way, and I love that they’re not your standard lord-heiress pairing. Instead, they both have careers that make the most of their talents, careers that bring them together while helping each other. Garrett is a fantastic heroine.

Independent and strong-willed, she is not used to showing her feminine side, but she is not averse to showing femininity, as are many of the so-called “strong” romantic heroines. Ethan has a painful past, but he hasn’t broken it like tormented heroes often do. So many tired tropes avoided! The attention to period detail is also characteristically spot on. Kleypas meticulously researches the medical techniques of the time, and the descriptions of the medical procedures are (almost) as fascinating as the main story.

But best of all, Garrett and Ethan are HAWT together. I like a little tormented longing in my romances, and that’s the main thing I’ve missed from the Ravenels. This book brings him back with a vengeance.

I also enjoyed the hints we were given that West’s story would be next…if it’s anything like Garrett and Ethan, I can’t wait to read it!

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