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Hidden book pdf download for free or read online, also Hidden pdf was written by Fern Michaels.

Fern Michaels is the New York Times and also USA Today bestselling author of the bestselling Sisterhood series and the Men of the Sisterhood series, as well as dozens of the other novels and novellas. There are over 150 best selling books with a the circulation of 110 million copies.

AuthorFern Michaels
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Hidden Book PDF download for free

Hidden Book PDF download for free

At first glance, few would say that Luna and Cullen Bodman are brothers. Cullen is very efficient and also serious while his younger sister Luna is a totally free spirit. When the pair open their furniture restoration business/cafe, an offshoot of the family’s old antique shop, in a thriving arts hub, little do they know that their unique talents could be their only defense against a dangerous betrayal.

When Luna gets an odd feeling about a piece Cullen just acquired, the two join forces to solve a mystery that has far-reaching consequences, unaware that there are some who will stop at nothing to claim what they consider their property. Come what may, Luna and Cullen know they can trust each other, and this time their lives could depend on it…

Hidden Book Pdf Download

I would like to start by saying that I really enjoyed this book. I received this book as part of a challenge with Influenster to give my honest opinion and I’m pleasantly surprised that I enjoyed it. It’s a bit slow but entertaining at the same time. When you read the synopsis of this book, it sounds like it’s going to be intense and exciting, but honestly it’s nothing like that. For me, NOTHING is as I imagined.

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It’s corky, lighter, and fun; The relationship between brother and sister is also not what I imagined according to the synopsis. If you read the back cover of the book the brother’s name is Cullan, but in the book itself his name is Cullen, so there’s a little typo, but it didn’t bother me too much. I will say that the only thing that bothered me was that all but one of the characters seemed very happy.

They were all happy, they were lucky and they hardly seemed to get angry or they were always in this upbeat mood and it seemed a bit unnatural. And there were some parts that were a bit repetitive. Other than that I really enjoyed it, it was a quick read and I look forward to reading the other books in this new series.

In Michael’s latest novel we find three segments in people’s lives that interlock to give us a result. We are first introduced to Arthur and Rowena Millstone from Boston. They are trying to get over the death of Arthur’s father, Randolf Millstone. It came out of the blue while discussing business with his partner Collette Petrov. He had given her documents to help her change her will and the future of her company, Millstone Associates.

In the event of her death, Randolph wanted Collette to make sure her attorney, Clive Dunbar, received the updates. There was no way he wanted Arthur and his evil wife to run the business and inherit the fortune. She knew that if their beloved boss died, Arthur and Rowena would fire her. She and her son were forced to leave Boston for fear of what they would do to provide documents to the general manager.

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In North Carolina we find Luna Bodman and her brother Cullen working for the newly opened Stillman Art Center. Luna runs the Café Namaste and Cullen has taken over his furniture restoration business in the studio next door. You recently bought a batch of unused furniture from Millstone Associates. It was sent from Millstone House. Rowena wanted to get rid of the Master’s antiques, some of which were damaged and in need of repair.

He knew that the sale of part of Randolph’s domain should have gone through the Millstone Chamber of Commerce, but he decided to get rid of it as soon as possible to keep the money in his own pocket. Throughout the book, incidents were woven in and out of each character’s life. I enjoyed the book, although at some points I was confused by the revealed story. Once well immersed in the story, I wondered how it would end and come full circle. It is an interesting read that readers of literary fiction will enjoy.

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