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Hidden Scars book pdf download for free or read online, also Hidden Scars pdf was written by Angela Marsons.

BookHidden Scars
AuthorAngela Marsons
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Hidden Scars Book PDF download for free

Hidden Scars Book PDF download for free

The boy’s dark hair shone in the bright light. His lips seemed to speak. But his body was really cold and also his blue eyes would never open again.

When 19-year-old Jamie Mills is found hanging on a tree in a local park, his death is ruled a suicide. Detective Kim Stone’s instincts really tell her that something is wrong. Why doesn’t he burst into tears when he tells his mother? And how is it possible that Jamie climbed the tree with a recent injury?

Kim was supposed to slowly make her way back to work after a harrowing fall devastated her body and mind, but Kim quickly took charge of her team and was shocked to learn that Jamie’s parents had sent him to a clinic to talk about his sexuality. “.

The clues to this disturbing case really lie behind the old Victorian walls of the clinic, run by the Gardner family. They claim that patients can come and go of their own free will. But why are those who visited the clinic so afraid to talk about what is happening there? And where did the discolored restraint marks on Jamie’s wrists come from?

Kim makes another startling discovery: the clinic’s director, Celia Gardner, was sent there for conversion therapy when she was sixteen.

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She then finds the corpse of a suffocated young woman, her death also staged as a suicide.

Scarred by a previous case that nearly took her life, can Kim uncover the dark secrets within the Gardner family and is she strong enough to stop a horrific killer who is killing the clinic’s former patients one by one?

A compulsive page turner that gets your heart pounding and absolutely shudders when you discover the explosive final twist. If you’re really a fan of Karin Slaughter, and Robert Dugoni, you’ll love Hidden Scars.

Hidden Scars Pdf Download

Simply brilliant! This author has done it again! It’s an incredible ability to hone to perfection, but he does it effortlessly with each passing book. He makes us cry, laugh, rejoice, think and want to change. She makes us feel. Each book tackles a social theme, with skill and brilliance (wisdom sprinkled throughout the book), but never at the expense of the story, which as always is addictive and captivating.

I have highlighted so many quotes that I will review them again – this author is in a class of her own as she writes absolutely amazing crime stories from the heart and at the same time she encourages people to think and change. Just like Kim Stone, Angela Marsons is one of a kind and I couldn’t ask for more. If you haven’t read this series, where have you been? Get the books now! I guarantee you will be hooked. Another masterpiece from this incredible author.

Hidden Scars (Detective Kim Stone Book 17) by Angela Marsons is very good. It’s gratifying to see Kim back in action and to see Kim and her team again. Angela Marsons writes clear dialogue and scenes that drive the story forward.

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Hidden Scars deals with the difficult topic of sexual identity and the struggles some face to prevent people from expressing themselves fully and truthfully.

Hidden Scars is cleverly written and sensitive to the theme. I highly recommend this series, this book, and this author.

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