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Highlander Healed book pdf download for free or read online, also Highlander Healed pdf was written by Jayne Castle.

BookHighlander Healed
AuthorJayne Castle
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Highlander Healed Book PDF download for free

Highlander Healed Book PDF download for free

Jean Munro wishes she were pretty and charming like her sisters, but that hasn’t stopped her from falling in love with a man she swore she wouldn’t love.

Robin Mackay has developed a hard and bitter exterior. Three years have passed since he suffered a terrible betrayal at the hands of his wife and brother. Robin is haunted by his betrayal.

Determined to take her destiny into her own hands, Jean applies for the role of Castellana in Robin’s Broch. Against his better judgment, the laird agrees and also the two begin a dance as old as the time.

Jean discovers that there is more to the object of her desire than she realized, while Robin begins to wonder if the walls she has built around her heart are strong enough to withstand a determined little woman.

But starting over after such a betrayal is never easy. Can Robin really put her past behind her and learn to trust again?

HIGHLANDER HEALED is the third book in the Courageous Highland Hearts series. This compelling and emotional sequel to Jayne Castel’s hit series Stolen Highland Hearts follows the lives of four battle-hardened Highland warriors and the brave sisters who win their hearts.

Highlander Healed Book Pdf Download

Emotionally scarred by a previous betrayal, Laird Robin MacKay is not easy to trust and resentful that his own brother and wife have been having an affair since the beginning of their marriage. A woman who only married him for his title and to get away from her abusive father. This affair went on for years without his knowledge. When Robin discovers his infidelity, his brother Gordon and Robin’s wife Liosa attempt to murder him in cold blood. However, they also bring him the most devastating and shocking news that almost broke Robin’s soul!

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His brother and wife escape, knowing that if caught for attempting to harm a titled noble, they would be imprisoned or executed. Gordon and Liosa committed the final betrayal that sticks with Robin, causing him to close his heart and not trust women at all. The two people who should never have betrayed him hurt him the most. Well, that makes Robin MacKay a badass man, ignoring even his sweet and beautiful daughter Grace, who is only eight summers old.

Jean Munro envies her beautiful sisters and always feels like the simple Jane or the ugly duckling of the Munro sisters. She had met Robin MacKay before and has a huge crush on him. He’s aware of her feelings, which he’s never encouraged, but she basically forces herself into his life. Jean who is a sweet, considerate and kind hearted girl but is also known for being a bit bossy and curious to get her way. In this case, she had offered her services as Laird Robin MacKay’s new castellan, especially as her previous castellan had recently passed away.

Unfortunately under the pressure of all the other bosses who were part of this meeting and involved in this discussion, which also made her part of this decision and pushed Jean into her life to give her a chance at this job. Now Robin doesn’t think she really wants that job as she thinks all girls want to get married. Jean lies that she has no interest in getting married, which is the furthest thing from the truth.

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However, Jean has developed feelings for a man who rejects love and has closed her heart forever! In addition to being the Castellana, she will also be the guardian of her little daughter Grace. Grace and Jean end up having a very close relationship and bond, akin to a mother-daughter relationship. This poor girl has been ignored by her own father and is very sad and lonely and in dire need of attention, companionship, affection and love! What they don’t know is that they are both being watched for devious ulterior motives that could put them both in danger!

Will Robin find out and save his daughter and Castilian in time? As well as the fact that Robin started having feelings for Jean but fights it because he’s legally married. However, Robin is aware of how their entire castle and its tenants have improved since Jean moved in. It’s as if Jean Munro brought life and happiness back to the castle. A castle that had been dead and isolated for three years, since the first betrayal by his brother and wife.

Against the better knowledge of Robin MacKay, he’s battling an attraction, afraid she too will betray him like his ex-wife and brother did! Will Robin ever let love return to his heart or will he be a bitter man who will never trust another soul forever? Can Jean Robin show that she trusts and loves again without fear of being hurt? Will Robin and Jean have a happy ending? read and find.

Once again, Jayne Castel writes another stunning book from cover to cover that will blow the minds of historical romance readers. This is another action packed romantic adventure filled with hate, betrayal, deceit, lovers, faith and love. Just have your tissues ready because this is a very emotional book of villains, betrayals and more. A book that I read in one go and couldn’t put down!

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I definitely recommend this spectacular novel, but it can also be read as a standalone book or in order.

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