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Hold My Hand book pdf download for free or read online, also Hold My Hand pdf was written by M.J. Ford.

BookHold My Hand
AuthorM.J. Ford
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Hold My Hand Book PDF download for free

Hold My Hand Book PDF download for free

When young Josie Masters sees a boy in a red football shirt, Dylan Jones, being kidnapped by a clown at a county fair, she tries to warn the crowd. But it’s too late. Dylan has disappeared…

Thirty years later, Josie works as a police officer in Bath. The remains of a boy were found, along with shreds of a torn red football shirt. Is that the boy you saw disappearing into the clown’s clutches? Or is it someone else entirely?

Hold My Hand Book Pdf Download

The story goes like this, a young Josie sees in a circus how a clown kidnaps a child in a red shirt, she becomes the only witness of this kidnapping. Now, 30 years later, Josie/Jo is a police officer and the construction workers find a child’s body/skeleton. A few days later, another boy is taken away by a man in a clown mask. Another kidnapping.

Who is the clown of the first kidnapping? Are these copycat kidnappers/murderers? Are the two men identical or are the kidnappings just opportunistic coincidences? Are they accomplices or a master-protégé combination?

All of this and more is answered in author M.J. Ford’s psychological thriller Hold My Hand. Such a well-written debut is amazing. There’s a lot of boredom in Jo coupled with a burning desire for justice. The supporting characters also seem to support the story well and keep it going.

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I liked the main character Jo, she was as flawed as she seems. I loved her instincts at work, but somehow those instincts didn’t work in her personal life. I liked his professionalism towards colleagues, but somehow his polite manner didn’t extend to family. I loved her skills as a police officer, but unfortunately they don’t apply to her as a woman. As a police officer, she knew where she wanted to go, but as a woman, she hesitated. But then again, who among us isn’t like that?

I think the author M.J. Ford will grow on in next few books. If I were to get rid of Jo’s personal life along with her oddly closed demeanor, the remaining parts make a good read. It was fast with lots of stretches. The investigative journey was a winding, winding road of dead ends, false suspects, a child’s babble, along with the thoughts of a now slightly drunk retired police officer working on the first kidnapping.

I liked Jo, the police, they had courage in their convictions. Jo, the wife, didn’t connect with me, she was too busy with herself. Overall, a gripping police trial with a realistic main character, quickly written, with a pragmatic touch from first author M.J. Ford. A great way to spend the Saturday afternoon.

Many years ago, when she was just a girl, Josie was at the county fair and saw a boy being carried away by a clown. That boy, Dylan, was never seen again and to this day no one knows what happened to him. Thirty years later, the remains of a young boy were discovered, dating to around the same time Dylan went missing. Josie/Jo is now working as a police officer and this discovery stirs up all sorts of emotions in her, including guilt that she didn’t do anything that fateful night.

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She didn’t scream, she didn’t tell anyone. She just let it happen. Due to his previous involvement in the case, he is not allowed to investigate, but is assigned as a second-in-command in the case of another missing child from a neighboring force. As this new investigation begins, certain parallels between it and the old Cold Case begin to emerge.

Could it be the work of the same person? And, more importantly, will they be able to catch the perpetrator in time to save this child?
I’m not quite sure how to describe this book. It’s part of the police process, but there’s a psychological tension to it. It’s also more plot-oriented than character-oriented, although the characterization is generally good.

As I read, I kept changing my mind about what I thought about Jo. I admired her courage and tenacity, but at the same time she was a bit of a crybaby and poor on me, which I didn’t like very much. He wasn’t entirely thrilled about his relationship with his ex either, but I think he had a reason to include her. I probably liked old retired cop Harry better. He seemed absolutely believable; haunted by the unresolved and desperate to make amends.

As with all books of this type, the obligatory twists, turns, dead ends and red herrings were found. They were all generally believable and did their job of obscuring the truth from me to the point that I was completely dumbfounded until just before it was all revealed. Even then, all he had was a feeling that he might have been right.

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As with all authors new to me, I checked out her profile and was a little surprised that this is actually her debut novel. You would never have guessed it because of the way it’s plotted and written. Well done. Now I’m wondering if this can be the start of a series. I can’t see any evidence of this other than my own thoughts and feelings after completion. It seems to me that the characters have been too well defined to be alone. They have too much backstory to leave now and I’d be interested to see where the author takes them next.

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