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Holiday Hox book pdf download for free or read online, also Holiday Hox pdf was written by Maggie Cole.

BookHoliday Hox
AuthorMaggie Cole
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Holiday Hox Book PDF download for free

Download Holiday Hox [PDF] By Maggie Hox

Little Miss Sunshine will be the perfect fake friend to take home for the holidays…who cares if I’m her boss?

She’s gonna drive me crazy

However, her happy everything, endless legs and innocent eyes will come in handy.

It’ll keep my family from turning all the country girls-turned-Dallas-wannabe-socialites against me.

The town gossips will be disappointed that she’s not another fiancé of mine who’ll never make it down the aisle. And they will be jealous if all men fall in love with them.

I will ignore everyone and work… except when she meets my twisted needs.

I was surprised, however, and negotiated a higher prenuptial agreement for his goofy cupcake bakery.

Too bad for them, I’m not a ruthless billionaire: my lawyer finds the loophole.

As soon as January 2nd comes, I will divorce her.

Just the more we’re together, the more it creeps into my heart… in a way that makes me doubt our secret agreement…

Holiday hoax is a multi-billion dollar marriage of convenience, lovers’ enemies, office romance. It’s a steamy, slow-burning standalone novel with a grumpy hero who has a broken past and a good, mischievous heroine to keep him on his toes.

Holiday Hox Pdf Download

What a charming turn in both an office romance and a fake fiancé story! I found Ms. Cole’s book Holiday Hox to be very well written with wonderful and relatable characters. The more I read, the more I felt like I was right there with them, following their whirlwind “fake” romance. I have felt their happiness and sadness along with them, Holiday Hoax is so well written.

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Our hero Sebastian is a sexy billionaire with good words who is called home by his father for Christmas. He already knows what a nightmare it’s going to be between small town gossip and his mother trying to set him up with all the women she knows. So he hatches a plan to pay someone to travel as his fake fiancee, and who better than little Miss Sunshine, Georgia, the company’s new intern. But not everything is child’s play for Sebastián. He quickly realizes that the cheerful, thoughtful and naive Georgia is not at all what he expected.

I can’t recommend grabbing this one enough. In this reader’s humble opinion, it really is a great Christmas read and I know you’ll love it too!

Georgia Peach gets a job as an intern with the Director of Operations. It’s not her dream, but it will help her achieve her dream of owning a bakery. She has to work with the rude but attractive Sebastian Cartwright, who doesn’t like her baking.

Sebastian is living and breathing work as he hopes to be appointed CEO by his father soon, but to stay on that path or get the job as CEO he needs to come back for the holidays. He hates doing this as his mother is constantly pressuring women to allow him to settle down.

Sebastian has lost interest because he has been burned multiple times by his former ex-boyfriends who only used him for what he could offer and for their money… not for him. So what is he doing?!? He makes a deal with Georgia to be his fake fiancé, they marry at home and then have the marriage annulled. This gives Georgia money to open her bakery. Georgia agrees, they return home, but the unexpected happens and feelings get involved.

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That was a good fake relationship! The tug of war between Gregoria and Sebastian worked! I wish there was a little more vacation in the book but I enjoyed the Holiday Hox story.

I was thrilled to learn that Maggie has written another holiday book! I love everything related to Christmas, family traditions, snow and cold, so I couldn’t wait to get started on the book! i loved the characters. When you meet Sebastian, you accept that, according to Georgia himself, he is “an angel disguised as a devil”. Georgia, well, she lives up to her name, Georgia Peach. She makes me think of rainbows, sunshine, and puppies, and I really wish I had her optimism.

Holiday Hox was a book that never made you wonder if Sebastian and Georgia would be together, but at what moment they would realize they were meant to be together. How it happens is a secret I seal with the same belief Georgia has with her Grammy cupcake recipes. And the anticipation that builds as you wait to see if Georgia will accept your proposal, if they will proceed with the wedding, and if an annulment will be signed leaves you on the edge of your seat and unable to stop reading.

In true Maggie fashion, it’s a rollercoaster of emotions to the point where I often yell at my Kindle. Another amazing secret is Sebastian’s Christmas present to Georgia. If you want a holiday story with some very hot scenes, this is it!

Holiday Hox is a cute little standalone Christmas story with great tropes, lovers’ enemies, fake marriages and crazy misunderstandings. I liked that Sebastian was a strong hero, but we listened to his inner thoughts and realized that he wasn’t always as confident as he seemed. In fact, the inner thoughts of both characters sometimes made me laugh out loud. Georgia has a goal in mind and nothing can stop her. She has a great positive attitude and Sebastian surprises her. I totally understand his feelings and I loved the humiliation Sebastian had to go through to get his HEA.

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