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Homecoming book pdf download for free or read online, also Homecoming pdf was written by Ivy Smoak.

AuthorIvy Smoak
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Homecoming Book PDF download for free

Homecoming Book PDF download for free

I was really locked in a cage for the sixteen long years. But I lived in it voluntarily.

And I didn’t come back to this town because a boy forgot me when I was kidnapped. Matthew Caldwell broke his promises to me. And I broke every promise I made to her.

But it’s a lot easier to decide something when you’re not looking at your past face-to-face. Matthew Caldwell helped heal my heart before. And I really think maybe he’s the only one who really can help me now.

It’s easier to remember Brooklyn in the fall. Autumn leaves remind me of her. The fresh scent of the air. It’s all her.

I wasted half my life loving someone who will never come back. And I still want everything I’ve ever done: children, a wife, a home.

But how can I move forward when I still feel his presence at every turn? It’s almost like she’s still here with me…

Homecoming Pdf Download

Ivy, you’ve never let me down. Your writing style is truly phenomenal. This story takes you on a roller coaster of emotions. It will touch all your hearts and make you laugh and cry. Many questions are finally answered in this one and some things don’t turn out as expected. I need the next story like now. This series is just too good and just keeps getting better. Thanks Ivy for this book, it’s amazing.

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Homecoming book ripped me apart, put me back together, and ripped me again! Of course, Rob made me laugh until my side hurt, and Miller made me cry out loud. I love the dual view with Brooklyn and Matt. I’m a total Mattlyn fan and I hope they get together in the end, but putting myself in Matt’s shoes, I don’t think I can top what Brooklyn did. Did he live in hell for 16 years and then found out Brooklyn was living with another man? No way. But I do know that Ivy will shut it all down and give these characters what they deserve. Exposed High Empire is rising mightily and April can’t come soon enough!

I started this book the moment it was published and finished it in 5 hours! Wow!! It was a rollercoaster of emotions and I won’t regret reading the whole book, even though I’ll have little sleep at work tomorrow. All I know is that April 13th can’t come too soon. Thank you Ivy Smoak for this fabulous book in this wonderful Empire High series!

The ending of EH Runaway came as a shock to all of us. And there’s so much to see in Homecoming. Not all the answers we want.

closure for pain. closure for heartbreak. closure for treason. Some of them may not even look. But it is necessary.

I honestly thought that going back to Brooklyn would be what would break me, but the goodbyes are what really touched me. I truly believe that Ivy put a piece of her heart and soul into each of these characters. The emotions that writing this way evokes in me cannot be faked. Brooklyn has a lot to look forward to with her young son. And I think that’s just the beginning of it all.

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I can’t wait for Empire High Exposed Book 7 because I really can’t wait to find out what happens to Brooklyn, Jacob, Matt, Kennedy and Felix. You all deserve so much happiness.

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