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Hook Line And Blinker book pdf download for free or read online, also Hook Line And Blinker pdf was written by Jana DeLeon.

BookHook Line And Blinker
AuthorJana DeLeon
Size1.2 MB

Hook Line And Blinker Book PDF download for free

Hook Line And Blinker Book PDF download for free

Nobody knows speed like Ida Belle.

Behind the wheel of her edgy blazer, she’s the queen of the back roads. But when someone tries to kill Hot Rod and only steals black SUVs from her shop, Fortune fears overpowering is the least of the problems her friend’s new vehicle brings. When it becomes clear that the car thieves didn’t get what they were looking for the first time, and Ida Belle’s vehicle becomes their next target, Fortune and Gertie are determined to protect their friend.

Ida Belle is determined to protect the blazer.

Hook Line And Blinker Book Pdf Download

While it’s only recently since the CIA “hid” Fortune Redding in Sinful, the number of antics he’s had with Gertie and Ida Belle is incredible. This is the tenth book in the series, and The Three Ladies are still as unpredictable and hilarious as ever. Poor Gertie seems to be getting the brunt of her antics as her bad knees hinder her all the way. Ida Belle is the adventuress who needs speed. In this book, it is her new 4×4 that fulfills the needs and also puts her at risk for car thieves.

This delightful episode in the life of the Sinful Trio has many twists and turns involving some of my favorite characters. Add to that the results of the mayoral recount and a friend in the hospital fighting for his life. Still not enough? How about murder, burglary and burglary and burning cow dung?

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This is the best yet of the suspenseful LOL stories from Fortune’s “Hideout” in Sinful, LA. Although I thought I found out who did it, the ending was a surprise. The wonderfully funny episode of “Raub” was so good that I couldn’t stop laughing. I believe I made some new converts after reading the passage aloud to my fellow travelers. If you haven’t already read about Fortune in Sinful’s Summer, get the Louisiana Longshot now! Trust me, you really have to start at the beginning.

We were so scared that Jana was done with Miss Fortune after the last one, especially after she opened up the characters to other writers. But she’s back!! Some of the other writers did a good job with the characters, but nobody brings the Louisiana bayou to life like Jana DeLeon. His narration brings it all to life so well that you can feel the heat and humidity, smell the swamp, taste the food, and hear the sounds of Sinful. I can’t wait for the next adventure in the lives of Fortune, Ida Belle, Gertie, Carter and Sinful.

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