Download How To Kiss Your Grumpy Boss [PDF] By Jenny Proctor

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How To Kiss Your Grumpy Boss book pdf download for free or read online, also How To Kiss Your Grumpy Boss pdf was written by Jenny Proctor.

BookHow To Kiss Your Grumpy Boss
AuthorJenny Proctor
Size1.6 MB

How To Kiss Your Grumpy Boss Book PDF download for free

How To Kiss Your Grumpy Boss Book PDF download for free

Perry Hawthorne is my boss. just my boss And I’m NOT in love.

When one of the Hawthorne brothers, known for their sharp jaws and their family farm and events center, hires me as their virtual assistant, I do my best to keep them firmly in the workspace.

His grumpy nature helps.

Your steaming hot profile picture doesn’t.

But even when I’m in love (a very small one), I can’t grasp true feelings for a million different reasons.

Aside from all the business aspects of our relationship, I’m a single mom. I really have to think about what’s best for my son Jack. And my grumpy, divorced, humorless boss doesn’t exactly put me in the “ready to be a stepdad” vibe.

When Perry transitions me from a virtual assistant to a personal assistant, I wonder if I made a mistake. In fact, he gets along with Jack quite well. And with me? Let’s just say the chemistry we have might kill all my reasons for keeping our distance.

The problem is, after his complicated divorce, I’m not sure Perry is ready to move on to a new relationship. But it’s not just my heart at stake. It’s Jack’s too. And after everything we went through before my husband died, I’m not sure I’m willing to take that risk, no matter how desperately Jack is looking for a father.

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How to Kiss Your Grumpy Boss is a sweet romantic comedy with all the hot kisses you want in a closed-door romance, but with no explicit scenes.

How To Kiss Your Grumpy Boss Book Pdf Download

I Really Like This Book.

Yes, that pretty much sums up my feelings about How to Kiss Your Grumpy Boss. I loved the characters, the setting, the writing style and the feelings this book made me feel. You know that dizzy feeling that makes your stomach twist? I totally loved this book. It was beyond good and I’m glad it came to life like this. A perfect romance filled with sheer sweetness (and not just apple puns!) that I could talk about all day.

I am so in love with the Hawthorne family! As soon as I started reading this series, I knew the Hawthorne family would steal my heart. And they do. Completely. I loved the first book and the second is no different. It got me the same feelings but with an amazing new partner.

Perry and Lila’s romance was so divine. I adored these characters individually and together they were perfect. His dynamics were balanced in that perfect way so that his sweet sunlight met his moody growl and shot straight into that irresistibly smooth ass and I was lost. Perry has been gruff at times, but he is hardworking, patient and protective of his loved ones. It was incredibly endearing and swooning. I loved him! Lila had this special quality about her.

She was so sane and strong. She is a single mom who has been through a lot but has come out on the other side better, stronger and more determined. She is very hardworking and struggles to make something of herself to give her son a good life. She was so relatable and I love that in a heroine. Oh, and their chemistry together? Gas! I not only liked the story of Perry and Lila, but also the role that Perry’s entire family played in the book. They were fantastic with Lila and gave her that family feeling that she had always wanted.

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To say I loved this book would be an understatement. It was a pleasure to read. Perry and Lila are ALL FEELINGS. They made me melt, bubble, warm and so incredibly happy. This romance was delicious, light and simple, and so undeniably beautiful. This is romance at its best and can I just say how excited I am that there is more to come from Hawthorne? I love this family and can’t wait for the next book!

It’s always so much fun to revisit Stonebrook Farm! I was really looking forward to the story of our grumpy Perry ?.

Perry has been through some tough stuff, messy divorce, had to change his career, he came back to Silver Creek. With all the stress, adjustment and processing, he really became a total grump. But beneath that rugged exterior beats a heart of gold. A man who is very thoughtful and also considerate of others. He just needed the right person to help him out of his depression!

Lila is really a widowed mother of a 5 year old son. She has been alone for some time and knows how to take care of herself and her son. She is positive and optimistic and lets things slide by. When she starts a new job as a secretary for a rather cold client, she tries to break the ice. She has no idea how much this man will influence her! And the effect it will have on them!

I loved how Lila and Perry hit it off from the start. And how they were absolutely honest with each other. Perry doesn’t make sense, I’m telling you she’s a person and Lila is so personable and totally open about things. They really made such a nice couple. And while there were some things to sort out and important decisions to make, they both were ripe for it and built a beautiful relationship together.

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Perry had so many layers and it was really nice to see his character develop in the later books. And of course seeing him fall in love with a character as wonderful as Lila!

I loved that we spend more time listening to Lennox in this book! I am so looking forward to your story! All interactions between the Hawthorne brothers have been great. I really love this family!

This was a nice addition to the series!

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