Download Hunted By The Dark Elf [PDF] By Celeste King

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Hunted By The Dark Elf book pdf download for free or read online, also Hunted By The Dark Elf pdf was written by Celeste King.

BookHunted By The Dark Elf
AuthorCeleste King
Size1.2 MB

Hunted By The Dark Elf Book PDF download for free

Hunted By The Dark Elf Book PDF download for free

What will I do when my prey becomes my predator…
…And I enjoy it?

Kidri is a fierce warrior, but he has a dark side that even his prince doesn’t know about.
If he takes me away from Emberforge, I fear I won’t be able to outrun him.

But the hunt is what we both want.
And as he chases me through the woods, I find myself wanting to be caught.
I want to be his prey. to be devoured

Kidri has found her partner in me.
My sword arm is as good as his, but that’s not what draws him to me.

We are twin fires. Ready to burn the world together.
Protheka is not ready for the destruction we can unleash.

But we will not risk our lives to rule the world.
We have found something more valuable than power.


Hunted By The Dark Elf Book Pdf Download

Warrior and also spy, both VERY good at their jobs. Gwen is tasked with finding out the people who want to kill the prince, but Kidri, a dark elf warrior, captures her and he is supposed to kill her, but for some reason he can’t. This story is full of twists and turns and the violent scenes are top notch. I like how the plot and suspense builds over time the more you read this series.

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Gwendolyn spied on the exiled prince’s entourage and was captured. She must tell the duke that the prince and his men plan to kill him. Kidri is tasked with getting rid of Gwen. Kidri thinks Gwen is beautiful and doesn’t want to kill her. Chaos and plot twists. This book is brutal in every way. I was a bit shocked, but to each his own. Both Kidri and Gwen are insanely good at what they do. Enjoy. I didn’t like the orcs. Honestly, the description of this section literally made me nauseous.

Gwendolyn is caught spying on Prince Valerin and his Dark Elf servants. Kidri, one of the henchmen, is chosen to sneak her out of Emberforge and take her with him before killing her. Kidri is an elf without much magic. His strengths lie in his martial arts. The other members of Prince Valerin’s entourage look down on him for his lack of magic and keep him out of strategy meetings. He knows nothing of the plan to kill Emberforge leader Duke Gheshei and take over the fortress. Gwendolyn is determined to escape her captor and return home to warn the Duke. Kidri is torn between her orders and her instinct, which wants her to make Gwendolyn her own.

This is a wonderful read and I loved every bit of this story and I guarantee that you will be completely immersed in the story and will en

joy it that you won’t be able to put the book down without knowing what the end result will be.
Kidri is a famous warrior and if he has a dark side to his personality, but despite being the prince of his warriors, it enters his life, home and world when he decides to take the woman from Emberforge.
Kidri has found his match in her and she will ensure he keeps her by his side, protecting her and burning the world down to ensure he adopts the disguise she felt necessary to help and protect him enable her to find love. his wife and his people.

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An interesting story about (Gwen) Gwendolynn, a human warrior and spy of Duke Gheshei who was captured by Prince Valerin’s men, and Kidri, a dark elf who was ordered by the prince to take Gwen and leave her after two days in nature to kill. . What happens is a compelling story as Gwen escapes and Kidri chases after her. Can you warn the duke of the prince’s plans to attack? The characters were likable, their chemistry was intriguing and exciting, the storyline was well written and kept me interested in reading this ARC.

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