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I Said Yes book pdf download for free or read online, also I Said Yes pdf was written by Kiersten Modglin.

KIERSTEN MODGLIN is one of the top 10 selling psychological thriller writers on Amazon and a member of International Thriller Writers, Novelists, Inc. and the Alliance of Independent Authors.

BookI Said Yes
AuthorKiersten Modglin
Size1.1 MB

I Said Yes Book PDF download for free

I Said Yes Book PDF download for free

A married couple with secrets…
A lie that will change everything…
A murder that reveals the truth.

They have the perfect marriage, but the cracks soon begin to show.

After Mark and Hannah meet through a chance encounter, the two embark on a fast-paced romance that will quickly change the world Hannah knew.
This world is dark and dangerous.
It means an existence filled with secrets, lies, and questions Hannah never thought she would ever have to ask.

When she discovers Mark’s darkest secret, Hannah must face the reality of the world she has entered and make a decision about how to proceed. To protect herself from both Mark’s and her own secrets, Hannah must face the truth about herself, her life, and her marriage before it’s too late.

One of them is lying…
someone is dead

Who is telling the truth in this twisted household thriller?
And when the police knock on the door, the bigger question is: Whose lie turned deadly?

I Said Yes Book Pdf Download

Another really great read from one of my favorite authors. I’ve learned that nobody makes dysfunctional suburbs like this author. Ever since the first book I read by Kiersten Modglin last year, The Good Neighbors, I can’t stop reading her books. I’ve read each of them and am excited to get my hands on the next one… and boy does Kiersten have a story to tell?

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I love this book and feel like I really got to know the characters. Hannah and Mark. Hannah is beautiful, has a great job as a pharmacist, has a jet set lifestyle and seems to have it all. Well, anything but a man, and she’s not looking for one. Away from home and working in Atlanta, she meets Mark. He’s running a bar in a small joint and enrolling in law school when Hannah walks in with some time to kill and can’t believe her luck. He is handsome, funny and available.

After talking a bit and having an impromptu dinner that first night, Mark alludes to the fact that his Achilles’ heel is alcohol…yes, a recovering alcoholic, three years sober, and his past isn’t very pretty, but he knows…he refuses to share any details…I know what you’re thinking, why would an alcoholic be a bartender…why put himself in such a precarious position?

Yes, he seems a bit crazy, but he has his reasons, which you will see soon. This chance meeting will change Hannah’s life forever, and not for the better. Within a few months they are inseparable. They fall in love quickly and Hannah uproots her life to move hundreds of miles from home. They are getting married soon and seem to be adjusting to married life. Whirlwind doesn’t begin to cover it.

Everything seems perfect, doesn’t it? It doesn’t take long for cracks to appear in their relationship, and those cracks quickly turn into chasms. They both begin to realize that they may have been moving too quickly without really knowing the other person. Hannah comes to the realization that the biggest mistake she’s ever made may have been saying “yes, I do” to Mark. But wait, then comes the murder and things get really interesting…no spoilers here, you don’t need them.

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Suffice to say, you probably won’t see any of this coming. The revelations will have you shaking your head and reading into the night. My advice? Take your time, because once you start reading, you won’t be able to put this book down. The twist Kiersten is famous for in all her books will make you think… but isn’t that what we love about this author’s books?

I know that for me the ending is almost always something I never saw coming. So grab this book, buy it, borrow it, borrow it, steal it, do whatever you have to do to get it… I guarantee you won’t be disappointed !

Well he did it again!! I will make it my life’s work to resolve one, just one of these storylines before the end. Of course, I’m willing to fail. I’ve called this author the “Queen of Twists and Turns,” and with every book she publishes, that crown gains another jewel. Santa Ana, that was good!

It’s funny how a three letter word said many times can change your life. Yes, sometimes the result is wonderful: a first date, a first kiss, a marriage. And sometimes it can really lead you down a path of the secrecy, deceit, adultery and… murder? The latter adds phrases like “We shouldn’t do this,” “Don’t tell anyone,” and “What did I just do?”. to your vocabulary. That’s how it was for Hannah and Mark. His first series of “YES” was blissful and happy. Everything went wrong in the second set. Very bad.

I hate that I can’t understand this author and predict where her stories will take her. But at the same time I’m so glad I can’t, because what’s the point? It would be like opening your presents before Christmas or your birthday and then being disappointed when the big day comes and there is nothing to open.

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I’ve read thrillers where by the middle of the book I’ve got a pretty good idea about the detectives, and I’m usually right (not honking my own horn here). They are good stories, but sometimes predictable. With Mrs. Modglin? The ending is always an unexpected surprise. Everyone. Unique. Weather.

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