Download I’ll Just Date Myself [PDF] By Lani Lynn Vale

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I’ll Just Date Myself Book pdf download for free or read online, also I’ll Just Date Myself pdf was written by Lani Lynn Vale.

BookI’ll Just Date Myself
AuthorLani Lynn Vale
Size915 KB

I’ll Just Date Myself Book PDF download for free

I'll Just Date Myself Book PDF download for free
I’ll Just Date Myself Book PDF download for free

Normally when you say, “I have a stalker,” you think bad thoughts. That wasn’t the kind of
stalker Folsom was when it came to Kobe Sano. Folsom liked to call herself a “guardian angel in

The first time he catches her attention, he’s been assigned to hunt her down and throw away the
key. All she did was steal someone else’s child. Well, embryo, that is. What Kobe doesn’t know,
though, is the man that hired him is up to no good, and she has no other choice but to run without
looking back.

From that moment on, she spends the rest of her spare time running away from him while also
digging into every nook and cranny of his personal life, finding every weakness he has and
utilizing it any way she needs to keep herself one step ahead of him.

I’ll Just Date Myself Pdf Download

Only one day, when she goes to do her usual snooping, she finds out that not only is her favorite
person in trouble, but he’s also in need of her help.

Too bad it takes her years to find that help.

Her next step is to break him out of the pokey prison-break style.

If she knew he’d go without question, she very well might have.


It didn’t take a genius to know when someone was stalking you. The signs were all there, and
they eventually pointed right at Folsom.

When he figures it out, he plans to confront her and maybe address the silent sexual tension
that’s been brewing between them for the last few years.

However, right when he’s ready to admit to himself that she might be the one—daughter who
intimidates the hell out of him or not—she up and disappears for a year.

In that year, he spends every waking moment searching for her.

And eventually he finds her, confronts her, and is hit in the face with the secrets she’s kept from
him for years.

One of which is a big one.

The daughter that she protects with everything she has—the one that he’s come to love with all
his heart, just like her mom—is the very abducted child from his one and only unsolved case.

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