Download I’ll Will Kiss You Twice [PDF] By W. Winters And Willow Winters

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I’ll Will Kiss You Twice book pdf download for free or read online, also I’ll Will Kiss You Twice pdf was written by W. Winters And Willow Winters.

BookI’ll Will Kiss You Twice
AuthorW. Winters And Willow Winters
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I’ll Will Kiss You Twice Book PDF download for free

I'll Will Kiss You Twice Book PDF download for free

Declan Cross is powerful, haunting, and his dark eyes speak of the damage my soul seeks to unravel. I’ve always been attracted to tough men, bad guys if you will…but he’s so brutal he scares me. So I swore to myself that I would stay away. I swore to myself that I really would never give in to the fantasies that haunt me at night.

One night changed everything. He knows that I saw everything that happened. There are really no deals or negotiations with men like him.

He made it very clear what he wanted most… I saw something he shouldn’t have seen. And now I am yours.

I’ll Will Kiss You Twice is the 2 book in the Shame on You series. Tease Me Once must be read first.

I’ll Will Kiss You Twice Twice Pdf Download

I’ll start by saying that you can’t start with I’ll Will Kiss You Twice, no, it all starts in Tease Me Once (Book 1), which left us with a huge cliffhanger that ended up picking up right there. It’s the story of Declan & Braelynn and HOLY HOTNESS BATMAN! These two are definitely off the charts! I really want to give all the details of this story so far, but since I hate spoilers, I won’t and this review will be short and sweet.

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There’s betrayal galore, but from which direction it’s really coming, well, that remains to be seen, which makes the twists heat up. So there’s heat and tension, but also a lot of fear, and I could feel Braelynn’s pain like it was my own, so between the F-bomb dropping and the fan on high, my eyes were trying to stray too. This all leads to another brutal cliffhanger ending that makes me die inside as I need all the answers for the waiting to begin! VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

How this author manages to write one amazing book after another, we will never know. This is the second book in the series and if you haven’t read the first, you should. We’re back in Declan’s worlds and I don’t know about you, but every time I start one of this author’s books I am completely immersed in the story. Like I said this is the second installment of the Shame On You series and that’s all I want to tell you without giving away too much because once it starts believe me I’m going to tell you the whole damn plot and tell you everything.

It wouldn’t be fair, but what you need to know is that this author has once again delivered an astonishingly emotionally charged and downright sinful story. One full of mysteries and betrayals that will end in a cliffhanger that will leave you completely shocked. I recommend that you grab the first one and this book because they are books that you cannot miss.

I’ll Will Kiss You Twice (Shame On You Book 2) by W Winters
I have been waiting for this since last October! He also delivered everything he expected. I reread the first one before jumping into this one and couldn’t put it down. Braelynn and Declan have a small connection that goes back to their school days before the Cross Brothers were the Cross Brothers of the Mafia. This book begins right where the previous one left off.

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Declan had the boys try to force Braelynn to confess if she was ratted out through torture. This is very dark, twisted, very scary, intense, suspenseful, and the chemistry between Declan and Braelynn is on fire. I can’t wait until we have the next book.

Wow, was I’ll Will Kiss You Twice story a roller coaster or what? This is the second book in the Declan and Braelynn trilogy of stories. Braelynn betrayed Declan and the family in the worst possible way, or he did. She tries to convince Declan of her and his innocence, why she should believe him, but deep down she is questioning her decision, so she holds her captive in her house.

He thinks she’s fine and if she had the chance she’d never run away, but she ran, but did she run for the reason he thinks she did? When he catches up with her, something happens that could wreak more havoc than her escape. I am looking forward to the next book in this series. I love this serie

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