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In The Pines book pdf download for free or read online, also In The Pines pdf was written by Kendra Elliot.

Kendra Elliot has sold ten million books, been on the Wall Street Journal’s top ten bestseller list more than a dozen times, and is a three-time winner of the Daphne du Maurier Award.

She is a finalist in International Thriller Writers and a finalist in Romantic Times. She grew up in the lush Pacific Northwest, but lately she’s been spending most of her time on a warm beach and always wears flip-flops.

BookIn The Pines
AuthorKendra Elliot
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In The Pines Book PDF download for free

In The Pines Book PDF download for free

A $2 million national treasure hunt has drawn obsessive adventurers to invade the small town of Eagle’s Nest, Oregon.

The cryptic clues of the hunt and the lure of riches have revealed the desperate side of human greed: robbery, fighting, breaking and entering, and even the motive to kill.

Police Chief Truman Daly longs for peace in the city from him, but instead has a murder ahead of him. Now the grand prize isn’t the only thing hiding in the pines. So a killer.

When a young boy walks into the local coffee shop and claims his mother and his little sister have been missing for weeks, FBI Special Agent Mercy Kilpatrick investigates and discovers a disturbing twist in her story. Deep family secrets and lies that began sixty years ago have erupted into the present with deadly consequences.

Mercy and Truman’s investigations follow a path of murder, revenge and buried secrets to uncover two intertwined mysteries as dark as an Oregon forest.

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In The Pines Book Pdf Download

In the Pines is the third standalone installment in the Columbia River series, which appears to revive previous series and highlight minor characters from them. This is a flexible book and can be chosen by both long series readers and novices.

With the poem from a millionaire to a fortune that leads many to believe that the small town of Eagle’s Nest, Oregon, is Ground Zero, Truman and his cops jump into a frenzy. Then some treasure hunters turn up dead and the stakes are raised. Meanwhile, Truman handed Mercy a missing persons case which led to a surprise.

The sheriff’s deputy, Detective Evan Bolton’s sister, went missing fourteen years ago, and it turns out she’s been in the area the whole time, living off the grid under a different name. Her son reported her disappearance when two weeks went by without her finding the brother she was looking for. Time is ticking for Mercy and Evan to find his sister and her baby while he meets his elderly nephew and niece.

I suspected that the missing persons case and the treasure hunter murders might end up being the same case, and after the details were exposed, the “who” behind it caught my eye. But I didn’t care because he was really looking forward to working with Mercy, Truman, Ollie, Kaylee and Evan again. Mercy and Truman actually take a backseat and this feels more like Evan Bolton’s book, which fits the way the Columbia River series is being made. Still, it felt like a fabulous meeting for this reader and I flew through this book.

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Evan was a recurring character that I saw marginally, but he turned out to be a good main character that I was happy to meet as he opened up to his new family and helped unravel the mysteries hidden in the past and the flow to solve. murder. I loved seeing newlywed Mercy and Truman working with him and each other like they have in the past. I loved seeing her happy and comfortable with her family and I enjoyed seeing Ollie and Kaylie resolve her own problem situation. These are smart romantic thrillers and I appreciate how the characters investigate and deal with the dangers of investigation.

All in all, I’m sad that I finished so quickly, but I perked up immediately after reading his promise of more in the acknowledgments. I cannot recommend Kendra Elliott and the Mercy Kilpatrick series in particular highly enough for fans of romantic suspense.

This is the third stand-alone book in the Columbia River series. If you’ve read the Mercy Kilpatrick series, it offers a better perspective, but it’s not a requirement to read this.

After the death of an eccentric billionaire, the estate announces a treasure hunt, with two million dollars at stake for anyone who can crack the cryptic riddles of a poem and find what is hidden. Across the country people are flooding areas that coincide with the tracks, towns like Eagle’s Nest, Oregon are being flooded by strangers motivated by greed. Police Chief Truman Daly is not surprised by the incidents of fights, robberies, shootings and break-ins that have occurred and now someone has been murdered for wealth. Anything goes for these adventurers when it comes to finding the treasure.

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While many are looking for the treasure, a teenager goes downtown and when he finds Truman, who claims that his mother and little sister have been missing for two weeks, they went to visit his uncle, who was not a part of their lives and he makes I don’t know. They have not returned and he is taking care of his eleven-year-old sister alone, his father has passed away.

This family is unknown in town, living off the grid, bracing themselves, and it’s up to FBI Special Agent Mercy Kilpatrick to investigate. Deschutes County Detective Evan Bolton is the missing uncle in question, and he hasn’t seen his sister or his niece or even knew the family existed. Evan is highly motivated to find the sister he has wondered about for years and learn her story as he meets her niece and nephew.

What do a treasure hunt, a dead fortune hunter, and a missing wife and child have in common? Working separately and then working together, Truman, Mercy and Evan will discover unexpected connections. The past meets the present when old family secrets are exposed. There are a lot of lies from the present and from past family dramas that make sense.

This was a well-written, compelling, fast-paced, suspenseful, multi-faceted crime thriller with unique but also relatable and well-developed characters. It was good to have Mercy, Truman and their distinguished family back.

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