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Just The Way You Are book pdf download for free or read online, also Just The Way You Are pdf was written by Beth Moran.

Beth Moran initially worked as a biochemist and later taught childbirth classes before becoming a writer. She loves writing contemporary women’s fiction set in and around Sherwood Forest, where she lives with her family.

BookJust The Way You Are
AuthorBeth Moran
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Just The Way You Are Book PDF download for free

Just The Way You Are Book PDF download for free

When Olivia Tennyson, or Ollie to her friends, was sixteen, she wrote a dream list of all the things she wanted in life, including a happy marriage and family. But at twenty-nine, Ollie is single, living at home with her overprotective and manipulative mother, and feels that her dreams are becoming increasingly unattainable.

Just The Way You Are Book Pdf Download

A tale of self-discovery, self-acceptance and finding love when you least expect it, Just the Way You Are is a moving and thought-provoking read that I would definitely recommend to any reader of contemporary fiction or romance.

Ollie is such a dynamic and likable character, and his story is close and interesting. The book focuses on how Ollie takes control of her life and learns to live alone, without the destructive influence of her overbearing mother. Emotionally controlled throughout her adult life, Ollie makes some major changes and, for the first time in her life, puts herself first. It’s great to see her embrace life, learn what’s important to her, set boundaries, and nurture new and fulfilling relationships in stark contrast to the toxic relationship she has with her mother.

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The story touches on difficult subjects such as death, toxic and abusive relationships, mental illness, physical illness, money problems and more. With so many new experiences and new relationships, and some concerns about those relationships, Ollie is fortunate to have a great support system. His longtime best friend, aunt, and others support and support Ollie’s new life, acting as powerful sounding boards.

Separating from a parent can be difficult at any age, and when you have a manipulative and abusive mother like Ollie’s, I imagine the feelings are very complicated. I thought the author did a good job addressing these conflicting feelings: relief and guilt, sadness and happiness, a sense of freedom and the fear of being alone. There is a lot to discover and Ollie is learning a lot about herself on her journey.

The love story is another wonderful part of the story, although it didn’t dominate the plot. The story focuses more on Ollie’s transformation, which in turn contributes to the development of new relationships, including his relationship with Sam. I love how their relationship builds slowly and I have supported them in finding happiness together despite the obstacles they have faced.

Olivia Tennyson, known as Ollie to her friends, is 29 years old and still lives with her mother. She essentially takes care of them and every time she plans something for herself (e.g. going on a date, meeting a new friend) her mother has some kind of a fit. Basically, this has held Ollie captive. She’s just got a new job and found the perfect country house to move into, which she’s buying without telling her mom, and she’s finally ready to start her own life.

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He finds a woman who will take care of his mother and, with the help of his aunt, sets a plan in motion. Ollie had made a list when she was 16, her dream list of all the things she wanted in life, and now she’s ready to complete it. As she works her way down her list with the help of her best friend and new friends and acquaintances, she finds herself and love along the way.

I really enjoyed being the way you are. Olli was a wonderful character. She was so faithful, loving and helpful. She was devoted to her mother and I was happy to see that she realized her mother was using her health issues to control her. Even her job of teaching people to read was a job that required love and compassion, things she had in vain.

The characters he meets in Bigely Bottom affect his life in some ways. I loved Diamante Butterfly Brown, aka Joan. The young lady, who basically takes care of herself like her mother Leanne, works long hours and sleeps when she gets home. Joan is very protective of her mother, but she really wants to be friends with Ollie. Leanne is a very private and independent mother who does not ask for help even when she needs it. Then there’s Irene, the strict librarian, who I didn’t like at first.

I loved how Ollie worked with her to get her to relax and ended up liking it. Sam was a swooning romantic interest, but it took them a while to put their feelings for each other into action. I can’t forget Nesbit, the cute but mischievous dog that Joan and Ollie share. I loved this story and read it in one day long after I should have been in bed. I recommend this story to those who enjoy heartwarming and heartwarming stories of self-discovery with a bit of romance.

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