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Just This Once book pdf download for free or read online, also Just This Once pdf was written by Alexis Winter.

Alexis Winter is a contemporary romance novelist who loves sharing her stories with the world. Be sure to follow us for hot upcoming releases featuring hot billionaires, cocky alphas, sexy bad boys, and the women who love them.

BookJust This Once
AuthorAlexis Winter
Size450 KB

Just This Once Book PDF download for free

Just This Once Book PDF download for free

Just This Once is a VERY hot, sexy, no-trap billionaire with a satisfying happy ending. Be careful, you’ll be begging for a night with Warren Baxley.

Just This Once Book Pdf Download

Savannah Grace Monroe, a beautiful woman in her early 20s with chocolate hair and eyes, wasted no opportunity or moment in her life and climbed the ladder with determination, skill and grace as she achieved her dream of achieving leadership in the busiest and busiest business world. energetic from Chicago. .

Part of her achievement was the result of the support of a group of friends she met during her college years at Northwestern. There, Savannah benefited from a small close-knit group of friends who helped her envision a different possibility for her future than her childhood.

Raised by her grandmother, a woman of limited means and opportunity, Savannah knew that while her mother was serving time in prison and her father was missing, her background did not determine her future. Unwilling to accept this world, she Savannah searched for a way to achieve the young woman’s dreams practically alone.

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Now, before her 30th birthday, Savannah transitioned from Northwestern’s MBA program to project manager at OPI, Code Red, COO of the young tech company, and eventually to the position as COO of Baxley Technologies, impressing everyone she met by working together using her ability. insight and judgement. But the path was not without its challenges for the beautiful young woman, especially when it came to her dream job at Baxley.

Although the position was her dream job, her CFO, a man older than her, Eric Oliver, seemed determined almost from the start to make her uncomfortable with her comments and her suffocating closeness. But Savannah’s childhood had hardened her: she knew how to defend herself against the older man’s inappropriate actions, words, and intimacy.

And her Savannah is tough: she has supportive friends, she has an amazing work history, and most importantly, she has a great boss, Warren Baxley. And although the CEO is 15 years older than the precocious employee, there is a connection between the two colleagues despite the difference in age and position. But in the world of Savannah, both inside and outside the walls of Baxley, forces work to unravel the safety of the young businesswoman’s world.

Alexis Winter once again engages the reader in a charming romance between an older man and a cunning, cunning young woman that wins her heart by reinforcing the bottom line of her company and provides a great conclusion to a captivating series. .

Savannah is excited about her second interview with Baxley Technologies for her COO position. She is young, but she has years of work. Savannah gets the position from her, but there’s a catch, and that’s CFO Eric Oliver, who has a habit of touching and flirting with her.

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Savannah walked into her office and a man came in and asked if she needed any help. Believing him to be Eric, Savannah is furious when she discovers that Warren Baxley himself is at her doorstep. Three years later, Warren and Savannah have become good friends. Warren is about 15 years older than Savannah, but would still love to be with her. Savannah has had a crush on Warren ever since she started working for him.

They each want to have sex with the other, but is it a good idea? After breaking up with her latest boyfriend, Savannah thinks more of Warren. Warren isn’t really dating someone who’s consumed with work. Savannah can’t understand why he’s not dating, but he has to do with her, he wants Savannah. Will Warren find out how delicious Savannah really is? Will Warren and Savannah ever get together? Will Savannah and Warren ever find the love and the happiness?

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