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Keep Her Quiet book pdf download for free or read online, also Keep Her Quiet pdf was written by Emma Kurtis.

BookKeep Her Quiet
AuthorEmma Kurtis
Size1.2 MB

Keep Her Quiet Book PDF download for free

Keep Her Quiet Book PDF download for free

Jenny just gave birth to the baby she always wanted. She has never been so happy.

Her husband Leo knows this girl can’t be his. He’s never felt so betrayed.

That same night, a vulnerable young woman, Hannah, wakes up to find her lifeless newborn at her side. She is mad with pain.

When chance puts Hannah in Leo’s path, they hatch a plan that will have devastating consequences for everyone.

Years later, a sixteen-year-old girl reads a newspaper article and embarks on a journey to find out the truth about herself. But what he discovers will change everything he ever knew and put his own life in grave danger. Because some people go to great lengths to protect the secrets on which their lives are built. . .

Keep Her Quiet Book Pdf Download

Emma Curtis is a very good writer of psychological thrillers. His latest Keep Her Quiet follows a tense narrative. Jenna desperately wants a baby, but her partner Leo is less enthusiastic and more determined to focus on his writing career than having children. When Jenna finally gives birth to a child, Leo knows the baby can’t be his. He is willing to put his thoughts and feelings aside to take care of his family, but a confluence of events causes Leo’s things to take a different turn. When he accidentally hits a young woman and also her baby, he makes the unbreakable promise that he is going to live with regret for years to come.

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I found this story very exciting. Emma opens the book while Jenna and Leo run to the hospital. For a brief moment everything is fine in his world, then something unimaginable happens. Jenna’s baby is snatched from her crib. Sixteen years later, Jenna is still searching for her daughter. Her husband Leo has become a bestselling author and his missing daughter’s case is getting a lot of press attention. On their daughter’s sixteenth birthday, they make a new request for information. When her appeal is broadcast nationally, a young woman’s interest is piqued and she soon begins to question everything about her past.

Reading the first few chapters I couldn’t believe what was happening as Leo seemed to be taking matters into his own hands. I knew he was hurt because he knew his wife had slept with someone else, but I was really upset by the choices he made next. I wondered how much longer Leo would pretend. How could she, especially when Jenna thinks her daughter was kidnapped by a stranger?

Emma Curtis takes the next part of the story in a different direction than she expected. I don’t want to say more here because I don’t want to give anything away. You think you can see where the story is going and then Emma Curtis blows your mind. He certainly didn’t make it easy for his characters in this book.

Keep Her Quiet is a suspenseful thriller and rollercoaster reading experience. You have to put the belief system down a bit, but I really enjoyed it. This is the fourth Emma Curtis book I have read and I am a huge fan of her writing. I really look forward to reading what he comes up with next.

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