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Kill Shot book pdf download for free or read online, also Kill Shot pdf was written by Vince Flynn.

Vince Flynn was a New York Times bestselling author of eleven thrillers, most recently named EXTREME MEASURES and ACT OF TREASON. He lived in the Minneapolis with his wife and his three children. He died on June 19, year 2013 after a three-year battle with the prostate cancer.

BookKill Shot
AuthorVince Flynn
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Kill Shot Book PDF download for free

Kill Shot Book PDF download for free

In the year since he was fully trained by the CIA and then released, Mitch Rapp has steadily worked his way through a list of men, bullet by bullet.

His latest target takes him to Paris, but everything changes in a split second before the bullet leaves Rapp’s silenced pistol. The tables have turned and Rapp is brutally outnumbered. At the same time, he became a liability.

Operating alone and out of the control of his controllers, it quickly becomes apparent that nothing is more dangerous than a wounded, cornered man. Because if anyone can survive and make it to the top no matter who they have to kill to get there, it’s Mitch Rapp.

The stakes are higher than ever as Mitch Rapp embarks on the journey that will make him America’s deadliest asset. The uninterrupted, realistic action demonstrates that “Flynn is a master, perhaps the master, at writing thrillers where the pages seem to turn by themselves” (Bookreporter).

Kill Shot Book Pdf Download

As a long-time Mitch Rapp reader and Vince Flynn fan, I was beyond excited for the release of Kill Shot and it did not disappoint. Mr. Flynn has an engaging writing style and knows exactly how much detail to provide so he can enjoy the ride.

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This book picks up from where “American Assassin” left off; Exploring the recruitment and the early career of the Mitch Rapp. In “Kill Shot” we learn that Mitch has taken out a long list of terrorists and his supporters in a short period of time. His reputation has literally preceded him as his current target, a Libyan oil minister with terrorist ties, is being used as a pawn by others higher up the terrorist food chain to lure this highly effective killer into a trap.

Things go terribly wrong and a bloody massacre threatens to destroy the CIA’s counter-terrorism operations and irreparably damage US-French relations. All of this obviously points to Mitch, who was shot during the ambush and must figure out how he got compromised and who to trust. His trainer from The Farm, Stan Hurley, who doesn’t like the arrogant new recruit even though Mitch saved his life in “American Assassin,” doesn’t make it any easier because he thinks Mitch overdid it in this bloodbath.

Ordered by the DDO, Thomas Stansfield, to send out a group of agents to find and neutralize Mitch if necessary, he chooses “Victor” to lead the group, a kind of idiotic trainer we are introduced to in American Assassin in which converted. In addition to being a narcissistic sadist, Victor also has a personal score to settle with Mitch, who turned the tables, broke his arm, and made fun of him during their workouts, something no one has ever done to Victor. cat and mouse, including the betrayals and collusion of some American and French intelligence agents, is a great read.

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There were several negative reviews of this book due to the lack of plot. While I wouldn’t consider it the most action-packed of the Mitch Rapp novels or recommend it as a starting point for someone unfamiliar with the series, there was more than enough suspense to make it highly engaging and entertaining.

As someone who has read the entire series, I found “American Assassin” and “Kill Shot” to be interesting backstories that offer additional character development. Since these are prequels and we know where certain characters end up and what relationships were formed from the earlier (chronologically later) books, we get more depth from the characters.

Kill Shot is another exciting and exciting ride from Vince Flynn. Rapp is in more trouble than he realizes when he finds out that he will be the next murder victim. Enemies have carefully planned his death, and one of them is so close to home that Rapp loses his trust in everyone who works with Irene Kennedy. Now, can he hide Kennedy on the run and everyone he knows? Or should he run to the Switzerland and then just disappear?

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