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Killman Creek book pdf download for free or read online, also Killman Creek pdf was written by Rachel Caine.

Rachel Caine is a #1 NYT, USA Today, and WSJ bestselling author with over 50 books in multiple categories and genres, including adult thrillers and adult/SF urban fantasy, as well as books for young adults ages twelve to twelve. eighteen years.

BookKillman Creek
AuthorRachel Caine
Size2.4 MB

Killman Creek Book PDF download for free

Killman Creek Book PDF download for free

Gwen Proctor has won the battle to save her children from her ex-husband, serial killer Melvin Royal, and his league of psychotic accomplices. But the war is not over yet. Not since Melvin escaped from prison. Not since he received a scary text…

You are not safe now.

Her haven at Stillhouse Lake has turned into a trap. Gwen leaves her children in the care of a tough and well-armed neighbor. Now Gwen goes hunting with the help of Sam Cade, the brother of one of Melvin’s victims. She learned it from one of the world’s sickest killers.

But what she faces surpasses everything she feared: an elaborate and savage mind game meant to destroy her. As her confidence begins to wane beyond her small circle of friends, Gwen is left with only rage and revenge to believe in as she closes in on her prey. And sure as night one of them will die.

Killman Creek Book Pdf Download

One of my most anticipated reads, the sequel to Stillhouse Lake, did not disappoint. I must add a warning here that my review contains spoilers for the first book, as Killman Creek is a sequel.

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Stillhouse Lake blew me away when I read it a few months ago, so I was beyond excited to finally get my hands on a copy of NetGalley’s sequel Killman Creek, and while my expectations were ridiculously high, Caine did not disappoint. .

While Stillhouse Lake is a good old-fashioned who knows that kept you guessing until the very end, this is a very different kind of thriller. Unlike the first book where Gwen was very defensive, this time she attacks. Her ex-husband, the serial killer, is still at large, and with the help of hacker Absolom, he seems to be able to find her and her children anywhere. However, she is tired of running and hiding, so she hides the children Lanny and Connor in a safe place while she and Sam go hunting.

Due to the nature of the story, there’s a lot less mystery this time around, it’s more of a game of cat and mouse, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t some unexpected twist and there are still a lot of questions about who. you can trust. It’s a fast-paced, gripping story that somehow makes you question everything you previously believed to be true.

Instead of simply being told from Gwen’s point of view, Killman Creek is told from multiple perspectives, which took some getting used to. In addition to Gwen, there are also chapters from the point of view of Sam, Lanny and Connor and although I liked some more than others, they added a new and interesting perspective to the story and allowed us to get to know the other characters a little better.

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I have to say I love Gwen/Gina. She keeps being tested, but no one can say that she’s not a fighter and I love how she always puts her children first. Sam is quite an intriguing character, the brother of a victim of Gwen’s ex-husband, he seeks revenge but is very confused about his feelings towards Gwen. It was really great to see them spending so much time alone together this time. The way the dynamic shifts and shifts between them makes for a brilliant read.

As for Lanny and Connor, gah!!! I know you’re young, but really? Did they really have to do everything they weren’t supposed to do? So frustrating, but you know they’re going to do the stupid thing that puts everyone at risk.

There aren’t a lot of new characters, and the ones that are there come and go pretty quickly, with only one or two making a big impression, but it’s really just about the relationships between the ones we meet, so who cares about that? . .

This is pretty much non-stop action and suspense from start to finish, and the explosive showdown at the end makes it all worth it. Caine’s writing is brilliant as ever, striking the perfect balance between suspense, action, and the most emotional scenes that connect and root you with the characters.

Overall, I felt like this was a great ending to the story and definitely one I’d recommend.

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