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Knight Awakened book pdf download for free or read online, also Knight Awakened pdf was written by B.M. Clemton.

BookKnight Awakened
AuthorB.M. Clemton
Size853 KB

Knight Awakened Book PDF download for free

Knight Awakened Book PDF download for free

Knight Awakened is book 4 of 5 in Black Veil University. This is a college age paranormal RH romance between 1 FMC and his 6 friends, which means there will be no choice of love interests at the end of the story.

Black Veil University has darker elements that readers should be aware of, such as: B. Strong language, PTSD from kidnapping, assault, and the violence.

Knight Awakened Book Pdf Download

My God!! The opening chapter!! I don’t want to spoil anything, but I know it’s so powerful! BM Clemton started Book 4 strong. He picks up right where he left off book 3 and is action-packed right from the start!

Let’s talk a bit about the secondary characters because Kayla is the best! She’s feisty, she has an attitude that doesn’t take shit from anyone, and she’s Dani’s best friend! I love her!! The way she pushes Gabriel’s buttons is hilarious. She’s not afraid of the big bad Reaper and I’m here for it, I love her pranks.

Now to Dani and his six friends! Dax, Remi, Zane, and Roar’s connection to Dani continued to grow. We also get some nudges about Roar’s past and my heart aches for him. I was happy to see Gabe and Dani getting closer in this book, I knew she had to do a lot of crawling and Dani definitely helped her hold her own with him. Oh, and we can’t forget Dom. If you’re reading Book 3, you know there are some questions about him. Well, I can tell you that his answer is contained in the first chapters of this book and I was not wrong. I can’t wait to see his relationship with the Dani grow.

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That damn cliffhanger, B.M. Clemton really knows how to let us down. There were some what the heck moments and some unanswered questions. Can’t wait for book fifth to be released!

I honestly can’t praise this show enough, it may very well be one of my favorite shows. This is book 4 of 5 so make sure you start with Knight Ascending and this book ends on a bloody cliffhanger!

One thing I really liked about writing BM is that nothing has a magic solution. Whether it’s Danica or one of the guys, they all have their own problems and there’s no quick fix. Although this is very much a PNR book, the realistic areas of mental health, PTSD, come through. If you’re keeping up with these books, you know that book 3 had a rocky ending and with book 4 we pick up right where we left off. We see the boys from the perspective for obvious reasons and after a while we also see Danica’s perspective. With everything that’s going on, some of the boys’ feelings come to the fore, especially Dax and Roar.

Unfortunately, we’re still dealing with the evil races that we’ve dealt with since Book 1. I can’t wait for them to get what’s coming, which will hopefully be very, very painful. We delve deeper into the past of some of our biggest boys and see from an outsider’s perspective just how dangerous and powerful Gabe really is!

This was an amazing continuation of this series and I really can’t wait to read Book 5. If you are looking for a different kind of PNR book, with a variety of magic users, shapeshifters, a different story going from book 1 to book 5. Here it is!

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I really need to start writing my reviews of these books as I read them because by the time I get to the end it’s hard to think of anything else! She is killing me with these cliffs. The series becomes more intriguing and intense as it progresses. We get an answer to one of the many mysteries about the latest hottie and we get to see Dani’s relationship with each guy grow. I don’t want to give anything away, but I can’t help but mention that Gabe is now linked with Remi as my favorite of the harem…and that’s all I’ll say on the subject.

I love that this series is written in multiple points of view because we get a deeper insight into the minds of the guys. I love reading her thoughts and feelings about Dani in certain situations and feel like this adds SO MUCH more to the story. Oh! I can’t forget to mention my girl Kayla. She is absolutely hysterical and I really wish she could be my best friend. There’s a lot of humor in this book (and throughout the series), and I think Kayla is a big part of that. I laughed out loud several times when she was around her, and rightfully so.

I’m going to end this with a very important reminder. BM Clemton likes to play on our emotions, and his favorite way to end his books is with brutal cliffhangers. So buckle up, keep your hands and feet in the car at all times, and enjoy the ride!

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