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Knightmaster Book pdf download for free or read online, also Knightmaster pdf was written by Anna Hackett.

AuthorAnna Hackett
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Knightmaster Book PDF download for free

Knightmaster Book PDF download for free

Xenoanthropologist Kennedy Black loves to explore new cultures with the Space Corps. Everyone has left her, so she happily fills the void with the many exciting adventures. When she is tasked with escorting the new ambassador to a lavish ball on the planet Oron, she is excited to get an up-close look at the Knights of Oronis and her culture of honor and duty to her queen knight. But she never expected to respond to the cool and controlled Knightmaster Ashtin Caydor, leader of the Oronis Knightforce.

And she really didn’t expect a savage alien attack that would leave the Queen Knight missing and Earth as the culprit.

Knightmaster Pdf Download

Master Knight Ashtin Caydor lives to protect the planet from him, his people, and their queen knight. He came from nothing, and chivalry is the cornerstone of his being. When Knightqueen Carys is kidnapped by her sworn enemy, the cruel Gek’Dragar, he is furious, especially when he finds evidence that Earth and the all too tempting Sub-Captain Kennedy Black are involved.

But Kennedy vows to clear the name of the land by helping Ashtin and his knights find the queen. When she and Ashtin embark on a risky mission to a dangerous jungle planet, they are forced to trust each other, and their sizzling chemistry is soon undeniable. But love can’t be an option, not for a knight bound only by his duty and a woman whose heart is already too scarred.

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I’m in heaven! I enjoyed this wonderful escape story by Anna Hackett. I love aliens who find out that the best of them can kick the dirt. Throw in a romance between Kennedy, a strong, intelligent human woman from Earth, and Ashtin, a giant, mega-strong alien warrior, and you’ve got my jam!

Kennedy Black, subtitled Space Corps, is in Oron with the new “potential” Ambassador of Earth, along with King Gayel, Queen Alea and War Commander Davion Thann-Eon, his wife Eve and their new baby, NOTE: Alea and Eva are from the earth). They hope to create an alliance between the peoples of Oron and Earth. Knightmaster Ashtin, the leader of the Knightforce, meets the group and is suspicious of them.

Kennedy is a wonderful character. She is curious about everything and is like a sponge; She’s soaking up knowledge, which makes sense since she’s a xenoanthropologist. Kennedy also has a little sidekick, Beep, who is a cute little drone. There’s a chillingly interesting tension between Kennedy and Ashtin, and of course they immediately have enemies to fight.

An old enemy of the Oron has reappeared. The Gek’Dragar seeks to blame Earth for these attacks and, even worse, for kidnapping Carys, the Queen Knight, and her personal bodyguard. Ashtin and Kennedy follow in the kidnappers’ footsteps and encounter many alien monsters. Along the way, they learn to respect each other’s abilities and a deep love grows. This story is about Kennedy and Ashtin. To find out what happens to the kidnapped queen, check out the following story. Great action packed story! Wonderful characters and I even got to catch up with characters from the Eon series which I LOVE.

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