Download Law’s Valkyrie [PDF] By Ciara St James

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Law’s Valkyrie Book pdf download for free or read online, also Law’s Valkyrie pdf was written by Ciara St James.

BookLaw’s Valkyrie
AuthorCiara St James
Size1.3 MB

Law’s Valkyrie Book PDF download for free

Law's Valkyrie Book PDF download for free
Law’s Valkyrie Book PDF download for free

Law has been alone and hurting from the loss of his fiancée for years. He finally feels like it’s time to get some happiness back in his life. His first step is to join the Archangel’s Warriors as a prospect, which is definitely not something you see every day from a police officer. As he navigates, learning more about the club, and works toward his patch, he meets for a second time a woman he met two years ago. Only this time, she grabs his attention and won’t let go.

Law’s Valkyrie Pdf Download

Tonya has been through hell these past two years. She survives finding out her husband cheated on her, gets a divorce while pregnant with her third child, and has her entire world turned upside down. Thank God for her friend, Soleil. Moving back to Dublin Falls is for a lot of reasons, and being close to Soleil is only one of them.

Law’s not happy when he discovers Tonya has been mentally beaten down by her ex. He’s acting strange and it’s causing her to fear him. As Law gets to know her and protects her and her children, he realizes they’re what he’s been missing from his barren life.

He’ll have his hands full convincing her to let him in, to disbelieve the things her ex said, and to accept that he’s not in love with his dead fiancée. She’ll learn something about him she never expected but intrigues her in so many ways.

As Tonya and Law work together on growing their relationship, her life is endangered. The enemy isn’t who they expect. One of their pasts has come back to haunt them and Law will do whatever he has to do to eliminate the threat to his new family and his Valkyrie, even if it means breaking the law he serves.

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