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Layer By Layer book pdf download for free or read online, also Layer By Layer pdf was written by Kaylee Ryan.

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Kaylee Ryan has been crowned Swoon Queen by her readers. With almost fifty romance novels under her belt, she is known for writing happily ever after from her heart.

BookLayer By Layer
AuthorKaylee Ryan
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Layer By Layer Book PDF download for free

Layer By Layer Book PDF download for free

From the moment Sawyer sat next to Royce on the plane in a sexy outfit, the butterflies in her stomach have nothing to do with the turbulence, it’s about the way he looks at her. When they land, he gives her number. She promises to call. Before she gets a chance, they meet again.

It turns out that he is her new boss and has nothing to do with the gentle stranger on the plane. The longer Sawyer is with Royce, the more she realizes that he has many layers and wants to uncover them all one at a time. Being CEO requires all of Royce’s concentration, but he can’t stop thinking about the beautiful woman on the plane.

She has beautiful blonde hair and striking green eyes. Sawyer is beautiful, smart, and totally taboo. It’s a line Royce shouldn’t cross. He then he does it and there is no turning back. He wants her whole, but she deserves more than her hardened heart can give him. No matter how hard he tries, he can’t get away from her. — Royce is on top of most things, but Sawyer is probably on top. Him, his siblings, his parents, his friends and Sawyer’s are great. His brothers are weird. This is a feel-good romance with very interesting characters.

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Layer By Layer Book Pdf Download

What a perfect start to what I know will be an addictive series. This might be my favorite Kaylee Ryan series so far! Kaylee is always my go-to for laid-back, feel-good romance. Her books always leave my heart full and my soul refreshed, because she makes love easy, sweet and uncomplicated, but also so sexy. Her books are so lovely, they always bring a smile to my face and remind me how good romance can feel. And layer upon layer is one of the best of hers: I loved this story, smiled the whole time, and had all the soft-hearted, swooning goodness I expected from a Kaylee Ryan story.

This new series focuses on five brothers, rich southern good guys who run their multi-million dollar family business. The series begins layer by layer with the story of Royce, the oldest of the group. It all starts with a sweet meeting on the plane, where a handsome, workaholic CEO with some baggage of confidence finds himself rubbing shoulders with a terrified beautiful blonde on his way from a toxic job situation to a fresh start in Nashville (or as the Tennesseans call it, Nashvegas).

Our hero, Royce, ends up comforting and finally bonding with the beautiful Sawyer after her nerves to escape calm down. Delighted that she is moving to her town, he hopes to get in touch with her again. And he certainly does when he arrives at work on Monday and discovers that she is his new assistant at Riggins Enterprises. They are both nervous and don’t know how to act in each other’s presence. Royce, even wary and frustrated by this drawback of his romantic intentions, chooses to respond with wistful innuendos and general grumpiness.

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Sawyer is lost: where did the cute man on the plane go? But she also has baggage: her last work situation was painful, and she’s not interested in experiencing tension with her boss or crossing professional boundaries. Fortunately, fate, with the help of liquid entrails and delightfully intrusive supporting characters, keeps pushing these two to explore their connection.

Royce soon discovers that his heart is with this woman: she brings him back to life, back to this CORE. And that’s because Sawyer recognizes all the layers of her: she draws him in one by one to find her true heart, only to discover that each layer is hers.

Oh Royce, I loved all the layers of it. He’s dynamic and complex, and I loved how Kaylee allows him to be so open and emotional, which is rare for a male lead. And Sawyer is a delight: sweet, kind, very loving, but with a hint of cheek and a healthy sense of humor.

The chemistry here is just magical: Kaylee allows them to connect as people first, even with an initial attraction, and the story unfolds more slowly, allowing us to melt as we watch Royce Sawyer walk into her life and her integrated family and we see them opening up to each other. the other. There is an ease in their relationship: it is natural and real, they just CLICK. I love how Kaylee always focuses her stories on the couple – she allows the relationship to unfold more organically. And here she takes a very prefabricated superdramatic trope and challenges it, she makes it her own.

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Fear is super low and drama/conflicts are brief and resolved through openness and communication. WHAT?! I know! How refreshing! We’ve got some witty and cheeky banter, cute vulnerable moments, goofy moments, and some moderately hot ones too.

The supporting characters were also AWESOME. I’m drooling waiting for the stories of the other Riggins brothers – they each have unique traits and traits that I know will be fun to explore and I adored each one of them. They are fun, lively, loving and have a big heart.

I’m dying to get an invite to be part of the private entourage at the lake party, everyone was so lovely. His friends were also wonderful, all pushing the story forward (they’re not reckless, they help move this romance forward), all nice and well-developed and just GOOD people. How refreshing it is to see the characters with very healthy support systems and the caring friends.

From the first to the last page, I smiled and enjoyed these two lovely people. I got all the lucky butterflies and was immediately welcomed into a familiar southern setting that made me feel at home in this world of Riggins. I can’t go back to Nashville to check on this couple and find out what those crazy Riggins guys are up to.

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