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Life After Death book pdf download for free or read online, also Life After Death pdf was written by Sister Souljah.

BookLife After Death
AuthorSister Souljah
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Life After Death Book PDF download for free

Life After Death Book PDF download for free

Winter Santiago hit the time served. Still stunning, still beautiful, still brave, she still loves her father more than any man in the world, she still has his high fashion hype. She’s eager to pay off her enemies, rebuild her father’s empire, restore her crown, and ultimately bring Midnight back into her life, no matter which bitch had him while she was incarcerated.

But Winter isn’t the only one out for revenge. Simone, Winter’s young business partner and friend, is bound and loaded and Winter is her target. Will he blow Winter’s head off? Can Winter dodge the bullets? Or will one scoop at least take Winter to another world? However, Winter is not afraid. Hell is the same as any neighborhood and certainly the Brooklyn neighborhood he grew up in. Winter thinks so.

A moving, hot, passionate, sexual, comedic and totally original adventure will happen in real time: raw, shocking, moving and shameless. True fans won’t let Winter travel alone on this incredible journey.

Life After Death Book Pdf Download

Those who question Sister Souljah’s writing and flow in this story should read her book, No Disrepect. which was released before TCWE. I still have the original on paper, which I still read regularly. In my opinion a talented artist shouldn’t be a one trick pony. Ex. Tupac Shakur can rap about the deep love and admiration he had for his mother, and is also a bit of a bully. Denzel Washington played a really trained killer or a really loving father in John Q.

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This book isn’t the “urban” fiction that many expected, I suppose. This story continues SS’s unrelenting message of love, self-respect, redemption, and liberation from material and spiritual slavery. The spiritual journey, the theme of the Porsche-Santiaga story, is continued in this post in a very, very, very creative way lol. Strong references to Islamic teachings are often repeated; That’s why I gave 4 stars. But the general message of Islam can be useful to anyone of any age and religion.

As SS asks, read with an open mind and without expectations (a message repeated several times in the book). Having an OPEN MIND is a very valuable skill to learn and then master. You never know what you may learn or use to your advantage in the future.

Happy birthday to Sister Souljah! Thank you for sharing your brilliant mind with us over the years.

Most people who say they are disappointed with this book probably haven’t read any of the other books in this series, such as the Midnight books. People really fell in the love with the character of the winter in The Coldest Winter Ever. I get it, me too. There was so much to tell, and many of us did. However, this book was not intended to be a sequel to that winter.

It’s about spiritual growth. There is so much symbolism here, so many messages that Souljah is trying to convey to the people who loved the first version of Winter. I understand that not everyone would be prepared for these messages. I understand that some people might be surprised by the Islamic focus of this book. I can imagine that many of the people so hurt by this book are deeply rooted in their Christian faith.

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But again, not to see this coming, these are people who probably haven’t read/understood Midnight’s story. This book wasn’t what I expected, and yet reading it was no surprise. Winter should ALWAYS be a cautionary tale. I think Souljah wrote herself in that first book to bring us that message and she’s continued it in every book since.

I loved reading this, devoured it within 24 hours and deeply appreciated it. Maybe you didn’t feel that way, but Souljah deserves his flowers. She is an accomplished storyteller and I for one hope that she will tell many more compelling stories about the Santiaga and Midnight family. I send you all peace, love and compassion!

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