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Lock Me Inside book pdf download for free or read online, also Lock Me Inside pdf was written by C. Hallman.

BookLock Me Inside
AuthorC. Hallman
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Lock Me Inside Book PDF download for free

Lock Me Inside Book PDF download for free

My enemies, my stepbrothers, my worst nightmare.

When my mom announces that she’s dating, the last person I expect is James Alistair, the father of two of my biggest bullies.

Nix and Colt Alistair.

I really never knew why, but they always hated me. At school they made my life hell and nothing seems to have changed. Only this time things get physical instead of cruel jokes, and as our parents go on their honeymoon, I find out just how far Colt is willing to go.

I thought the worst moment of my life was over.

I was wrong.

Lock Me Inside Pdf Download

I’m overwhelmed, not sure if I should think about it. It’s definitely dark and bloody twisted, so f***ed up, what about the ending? That tore me apart. I’m not sure if you would say it’s a HEA ending because I was kind of sad and VERY SHOCKED. I thought do I love Lock Me Inside book? Because I was angry many times and I had to shut my mouth because my jaw was on the ground. These are definitely not your flowers and chocolates, or your typical sweet romance lover haters.

I can’t be sure H crawled enough to earn H’s forgiveness. But in the end YES! Yes I loved it! But my 2 issues are… I make Colt and Nix bully them but what they allowed Deborah to do and if they had feelings for them and Colt already knew he loved them why are you bringing dates to the wedding (and Dates is ex-boyfriend? & hs means girl-Deborah). And the only thing I didn’t like was the ending, but I won’t say why because he’ll give it away. I’m just hoping for a book 2 with answers and that the ending of book 1 isn’t real.

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Lenora (Leni) was a gymnast training for the Olympics when tragedy struck that ended her career. Yes, her mother helped with her recovery, but her mother never let her forget how much she cost her or how she ruined her life. She went from being popular to being the most hated in school. Even her friends turned on her, taunting and insulting her at every opportunity. Not even her best friend Piper supported her after the accident.

She has never had a loving family. Her mother and her grandmother never showed her much affection, and after her injury and multiple surgeries on her, her true colors were revealed. After visiting her grandmother, she comes home to find her trailer empty of hers, only for her mother to show up and announce that they have moved and that she is marrying James Alistair. Who turns out to be the father of Nix and Colt, the boys who made their lives a living nightmare.
To make matters worse, they act like what they did isn’t a big deal.

From the moment she arrived they began to torment her while looking innocent in front of her mother and her father. As she seeks help, she truly discovers what evil lurks in her new home. There is abuse of all kinds: mental, emotional, sexual and physical, they are a sick, twisted, insane and psychotic family. There are twists and turns, intimidation, blackmail with ultimatums, anger, possessiveness, anguish, hopelessness, and isolation.

A lot of scary things happened in history, but sometimes things aren’t exactly what they seem. When all is said and done, who will survive in the end?
I have to say that there are some people who have escaped from what should have happened to them all too easily. Also, Nix and Colt were really hard to like 95% of the time, at least we found out what drove them in the end.
I must say that the ending surprised me. I would have stayed away from these crazy people.

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Cold Withdrawn and curled up in fear.
The words “Watch out for triggers” are a no-brainer, this story is horrible and disgusting, but I couldn’t stop reading as I shivered with cold and numbed myself from not knowing how to process the excruciating situations Leni had to endure. through step-brothers and her stepfather. My heart ached for her, my body trembled with fear for her during this brilliantly written dark and haunting read.

I’ve read some obscure books, or so I thought. Lock Me Inside story will shake you to the core. It erased my emotions as I tried to feel and comprehend the horrible dark words laser focused on me and please stop yelling but I couldn’t stop reading for the life of me. A powerful tsunami of emotions and a twisted as hell story that will be hard to forget, as crazy and twisted as I am or should be, making this an overly dark and twisted five star read with the possibility that maybe still come more of the slightly open ending which makes me think an additional story is in the works.

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